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£ 250,000 Surgical KO to save mother's life after the bank issues a fraud alert when she tries to pay money

When her bank was trying to pay the doctor, she had a morale alarm, and when she was ready for surgery, her mother's salvation surgery in the United States was canceled.

32-year-old Samantha Smith said the hospital was delaying the procedure by blocking the £ 250,000 deal, despite Barclays warning in advance.

Rochdale News reported she was lying in bed for critical nerve surgery when a doctor suffered a catastrophic blow at 5 am local time on Friday.

Two mothers from Smithy Bridge near Rochdale, Manchester, were taken to Arizona to rebuild their weakened neck by Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

She was diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder in 2017, and her muscles were so weak that she was at risk of straightening her head without bracing her and cutting her inner neck.

As she writes on the fundraising page, she said that the children "need to come back."

BBC News has also put pressure on the stem of the brain through a process that fuses spines that the NHS does not or does not fund.

The therapist Smith, along with his family and friends, rallied the money they needed, but Barclays stopped the deal when the Mayo Clinic tried to pay for the surgery.

Smith spoke with the bank for two hours and finally released the restrictions.

Samantha has already undergone several surgeries since diagnosis.

She said it was "tough" to remove the surgery from her. Especially because I had the money to pay for the surgery.

I have not received the surgery date yet because I was booked in November last year.

In an interview with Rochdale News, she said, "We lost money with our money … we lost the date of surgery.

"We had a complaint with Barclays, but it could take up to eight weeks to categorize it.

"I took a few months to get a call, and it took me a few months to get lost."

Silence fought with the bank for hours on the phone, but the surgery was canceled because it was too late.

Mom still in the United States said she hoped to be able to rearrange the surgery in the hospital during the hospital stay. So she does not have to pay twice before the surgery.

A spokesman for Barclays said the bank "safeguards" your money and information "very seriously."

"We have to be careful that transactions of abnormal character are authenticated with customers," he added.

"We are now able to get in touch with customers and help solve problems, so we can process payments as quickly as possible."

The hospital could not get in touch.

Samantha describes the battle for his life on the GoFundMe page, launched in July 2018.

She wrote: "I now have to raise funds for my own life and my babies desperately need and deserve it.

"I am constantly suffering from neck, head and backbone, and it is becoming more difficult to ignore neurological damage during the day."

I traveled to the United States because I had no intention of doing surgery in the UK.

This page continues: "In 2017, Samantha discovered that the spinal cord was disintegrating due to the weakness of the tissue and the weight of the skull of the neurosurgeon who became very uncomfortable very quickly.

"She lost her psychotherapy clinic and worked hard to get into bed.

"Her brainstem and spinal cord injuries caused intermittent paralysis, and she relied on a wheelchair and could not go straight without suffering from pain and memory loss.

"She was in danger of cutting her inner neck.

"With three surgeons all over the world, I was able to complete a desperate need for surgery in the US. The SamSamantha fundraiser was a huge success and Sam had three life-long surgeries in August and September 2017.

"She learned to walk again and studied and rehabilitated herself because she could not afford NHS support for an EDS patient with her condition in the UK."

She had to learn how to walk again, and now she is losing her independence as the disease is on hold.

"Samantha's health has declined recently because she is more unstable than her spine originally believed and deserted in 2017 to find that the flexible scaffold that fuses the spine is not aggressive enough to keep her safe.

"Her body was one of the extremely rare people who refused bone marrow transplantation and the spine is still dangerously unstable and renders scary symptoms including heart, memory, pain and movement disorders, and multiple dislocations of the neck and vertebrae every day.

"Samantha is no longer independent and is faced with paralysis, organ failure and death without surgery and time-critical neurosurgery in the United States.

"This aggressive neurosurgical procedure will remove all movements of the skull and spine, but will prevent life and injury to the spine and organs.

"Her children desperately need a mummy.

"Help Samantha brave and have a chance to fight."

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