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& # 39; potential HIV therapies & # 39; makers react more calmerly than new drugs


Israeli-based pharmaceutical company Cion Medical recently announced the success of its first clinical trial on potential HIV therapies, clarified that more trials are needed for Twitter, posting official results and peer review .

Since the company was announced on October 31, there is a wave of excitement about social media. People ask for more information on "potential treatments".

According to the World Health Organization, at the end of 2017, approximately 36.9 million people were living with HIV worldwide.

According to the statement, Cion Medical announced the results of its first clinical trial of HIV – Gammora, which removed 99% of the HI virus within 4 weeks of treatment.

Nine patients with HIV / AIDS participated in trial 1 and 2 at Ronald Bata Memorial Hospital in Entebbe for over 10 weeks.

But the company leaned back on its nature. Speak on Twitter: "We would like to thank everyone who is interested in the promising outcome of the first clinical trial. Gammora expects to someday provide a viable pathway for the elimination of HIV infected persons. In this mission, including the additional steps and results disclosure and steps needed to

"We are not there yet, but we are one step closer, hopeful, and we promise to keep you informed of our progress."

The company also acknowledged that the official results should be reviewed in a scientific journal hoping to be completed in early 2019.

Long process

Professor Adrian Puren, director of HIV monitoring and antibody molecule diagnostics at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD), said it needs a long process to follow before Health24 is bold enough to call the drug potential.

"To prove this way, it's going to take a lot of steps. It's important to build everything you need to do research, gather evidence, and find out about your potential.

"Animal experiments and small human trials may be necessary, the process is complicated, and it really starts small and you may need to run a few tests to determine that the drug is not toxic and has no harmful side effects.

"We need to test the efficacy of drug treatment at different stages, take multiple stages of clinical trials, perform randomized tests to eliminate research bias, and do not harm people.

"It's not easy to go on like this, it's very complicated, detailed, and costly, but if you look at this medicine, you'll want to be able to see the published literature and track everything. .

"Once all the studies are over, they have been reviewed, and after a thorough investigation by all the regulators and the various ethics committees, the company can announce such a statement, and in this way, "Puren said.

Dr. Yogan Pillay, vice minister of health for HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and maternal, child and women health, said, "As far as we know, no clinical trials have been published.

"If this article is not published in peer review journals and the World Health Organization has approved it, we can not take it seriously," he said.


On Tuesday, a prominent SA HIV scientist beat "treatment", which was prevalent in social media, "illegal".

Professor Francois Venter of Reproductive Health and HIV Institute at Witwatersrand University said in an interview with Health-e News: "The HIV world has seen a variety of mutations in decades.

He said the drug is a potent remedy with no side effects, and he said, "Biologic claims made publicly before the official document [is published] It should be viewed as deep skepticism. "

"I looked at the media reports and a decent company website, and even though I believed in their claims, I tested them for years," Venter said.

Zion Medical is a relatively new company founded in 2014. According to the company's website, HIV and cancer drugs are developed based on peptides extracted from HIV and targeted lentiviral particles.

It enumerates partners such as Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York (USA) and Tel Aviv Soarski Medical Center.

To get more comments, Health24's attempt to contact Zion Medical directly has not been successful so far. All forms of e-mail could not be delivered because of an invalid e-mail address, and not all calls received an answer.

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