Thursday , July 18 2019
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Amla have to go to CWC? SA fans say …

Cape Town – Cricket fans in South Africa respond to online surveys Hajim Amla Proteus of the Year Cricket World Cup.

above 1 600 A Twitter user answered a simple question. Sport24: Should Hashim Amla be included in the 15-man squad in South Africa at the Cricket World Cup in 2019?

In a few hours on Wednesday, the results showed why it was such an important topic in the tournament.

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59% Among the respondents, Amla should It will be included in the 15-seater battalion to be named at 13:00 on Thursday. 41% I believe he should be at home.

When he met his critically ill father, a 36-year-old who just returned from a month in the game, he struggles for more than a year to be consistent in all forms.

He has played all five of Cape Cobra in the CSA T20 Challenge over the past two weeks, but continued to play night clubs in four games on Tuesday.

It leaves him. 61 Run from that person. 5 The average inning has returned to 12.2.

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