Saturday , June 3 2023

Another MyCiTi bus in Cape Town


Another MyCiTi bus left this time at Khayelitsha after another bus torched in Milnerton on Tuesday.

Keny Africa in Western Cape State Transportation said on Wednesday morning that a bus at Kuyasa Road in Khayelitsha near Kuyasa MyCiTi bus stop on News24 was seated in the garage around 05:00.

He said no injuries were reported and no information was available on who was responsible.

It is also unclear whether there were people on the bus at the time of the attack.

Police and transportation services were on the scene, Africa said.

The bus driver escaped safely on Tuesday from Milnerton.

It is also unclear who is responsible for the case. There were no passengers at the time.

Cape Town City Council Safety and Security Market Chairman JP Smith said in an interview with News24 on Tuesday, "It is not clear who the fire was and who it was, but the incident follows a pattern of attacks on isolated buses."

He said the municipality will announce a statement against the public on Wednesday for both cases.

This is the second attack at Kuyasa Station.

Interference with a prominent driver

The MyCiTi bus was stoned at the train station on October 23rd. The wounded were not reported.

It is not immediately clear whether it was the same incident, but a gasoline bomb was reported to have been dropped at MyCiTi bus stop in Kuyasa on the same day.

It is not clear whether the attack is related to the ongoing dispute between the city and the bus driver who underwent a "lynx strike" on payment and working conditions and outsourcing.

The city of Cape Town was urgently arrested on October 19 to stop threatening, harassing, or assaulting MyCiTi passengers or employees.

In addition, the driver was disturbed by damage to MyCiTi stations or buses, or by collecting distances of less than 100 meters from MyCiTi stations or buses.

According to the Eyewitness News, Brett Herron, the mayor of the city, said there had been a four-week strike earlier this year and that the bargaining hearing had reached an agreement.

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