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Apple's New Privacy – Topical iPhone Ads [Video] –

Not only does Apple produce the best technology because it produces pretty good ads,

check out This Pixar – Shameful Any feeling, or Apple Watch ad in Cape Town.

What distinguishes us from other companies is that they are really good at protecting personal information.

I was confident enough to troll Amazon and Google on a massive scale. Signs outside the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) technology conference was held in Las Vegas.

Now, with the latest advertising, we are getting ideas about privacy privacy in a fun and quirky way.

Apple reports to the Fast Company on how to keep data private without using ads.

… do not refer to other companies like Facebook and Google, such as regular press kicks in on media issues (Apple calls them out at CES instead).

Instead, it focuses on emphasizing the fact that consumers can not claim the number of realistic daily behaviors that show how important a privacy issue is and that consumers can claim or claim privacy is not important.

In a world where privacy is the target of luxury, it is a good idea to know that at least one company takes it seriously.

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