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Arthur Fraser, Jacques Pauw, subpoenas for NB Publishers for R35m

Arthur Fraser, former Secretary General of the National Security Agency (SSA), cites investigators Jacques Pauw and NB Publishers as Pauw, The presidential guard.

Fraser's lawyer, Rapulane Kgoroeadira, confirmed on Tuesday night that the damages for defamation are at R35m.

He said that the statements from the book had harmed Fraser and affected his business.

"He lost a lot of money."

It is too early to say what will happen next, Kgoroeadira added.

"We have a subpoena, and we will see if the problem is being defended."

The NB publisher has indicated that they know about the summons.

In this book Pauw wrote that Fraser "composed" the Senior Agent Network (PAN) at the National Intelligence Service (later part of the SSA).

The PAN, which was paused in 2011, became the household name with the release of this book and was later shown in red on the SSA Senior Review Panel Report.

A panel of 10, led by Dr. Mufamadi, found extensive abuse of national information services for political purposes, including an internal ANC struggle.

According to the SSA report and Pauw's book, News24 reported earlier that there was nothing sinister at first to set up the PAN. However, according to the report, the SSA high-level review committee has argued that the allegations filed against the PAN are "anxious".

"There have been instances of serious criminal behavior that seem to do covert activities, and this behavior applies to theft, counterfeiting and organized crime prevention, according to statements, fraud, corruption and even SSA reports.

However, Fraser said in a report last month that he had essentially lied to Cyril Lama Fosama and took a "near-sighted" approach.

He presented various reasons why the panel's findings gave Lama Fosa a negative view of the intelligence agency's problems.

Fraser said the PAN had been around for many years, but the agent had made its decision in 1999 to review the PAN because it was aimed at "the previous liberation movement."

"There was little control over monetization in previous companies," he said. "It's the same person who used to move into the liberation movement and move on to the information structure after the merger," he said. And to change management into a democratic dispensation. "

He said the panel investigated several violations within the PAN, but ignored other information infringements. The leak of cigarette smuggling and information manipulation and confidential documents to South African Revenue Services investigation was leaked to news agency Al Jazeera.

Fraser said the report made contradictory statements about the political interference of intelligence agencies. The report noted that politically credited individuals were placed in intelligence by politicians, and the administration ignored warnings about the influence of "particular families" on the president. Perhaps it is a reference to Guptas.

Pauw has been contacted for answering and will be added upon receipt.

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