Saturday , June 3 2023

Aurobindo Pharma to launch oncology and respiratory products in the US by 2021


Aurobindo Pharma plans to launch oncology, respiratory, intramuscular and topical product sets in the United States over the next three years as part of its plans to build a strong professional product portfolio. The company plans to launch the first set of biosimilars and vaccines in the growing market during this period, Aurobindo Pharma said at an investment briefing.

The company's growth markets include the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Ukraine, South Africa, East Africa, Myanmar, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

The company shared its medium-term roadmap (2019-2021) and said it will focus on "launching the first set of oncology, respiratory, compound injections, topical and ADF products in the US".

The company also said it is focused on securing intellectual property (IP) and expanding sales of specialty products.

Aurobind Pharma plans to launch inhalers, transdermal devices, biosimilars and brands (Rx and OTC) products in the advanced market from 2022 over the long term.

The company also added that it plans to study biological license applications (BLAs).

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