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Battlefield V – Review – Battlefield V


Welcome, battlefield fans! This year we shared reviews on single-player and multiplayer components, giving each style fan a better idea of ​​what's going on. This review only applies to single player mode, where multiplayer reviews and full Battlefield V reviews are coming soon.

Too often, the single player campaign of multiplayer shooting games is more than a complimented tutorial. The Battlefield series was clearly guilty of the past, but Battlefield V's three-hour campaign certainly is not. Each has a fairly interesting story that guides you through a series of diverse and beautiful locations when you are not shrinking into burning debris around you. I would have loved only if we used Battlefield's awesome toolset better to place us more often in the middle of battlefield warfare.

This is a runner and gun shooter whose health is regenerated and abundant with weapons and ammunition. As a result, every time the action gets hot, the pace is usually fast enough to noticeably speed up the explosion. So the odd design choice at DICE is that two of the three campaigns almost entirely fight against it and just emphasize decent stealth gameplay. It's okay, except that the huge leadership of the Battlefield series does not make good use of space for many large-scale warfare.

It does not make good use of the strengths of the Battlefield series in large warfare.

What's also strange is that these missions are almost entirely on foot, except for a few maps that offer options for jeeps and airplanes. The only time you can drive a tank or do an actual flight mission is about a minute from a brief tutorial. This is a bit of mourning. The three-story story is still a fun time for six hours, but a lot remains about it.

In the first campaign, & # 39; Flagless, & # 39 ;, stars are shown to younger delinquents recruited by tough veterans to join the UK's special boat service. A pair of sabotage missions in northern Africa begin a fairly direct and covert walk towards the Nazi airfield. The most memorable moment comes from the joke between the two. Their mentor-progate relationship is clichéd but well written and acted, and has a genuinely ridiculous moment of humor to reinforce their character in the short time we are with them.

No Flag's second mission is that it's interesting: a wide map allows you to choose one of three goals to tackle in any order. Strictly speaking, there is little difference in what you do. Because there is no facility to drop the bombs, stop putting binoculars on the free-to-enemy soldiers who can approach them from any angle and plan for assault. Gives a welcoming of style-control. This map is big enough to steal an airplane and fly away, but at normal difficulty it seemed like it would not be natural to pilot the sky because the bandit seemed barely fighting.

Binoculars can track enemy soldiers and plan attacks (Far Cry-style).

This campaign ends in a hold-out mission to Nazi infantry and vehicle waves. It's a good fight unless you think about how ridiculous it is for a man to run between anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and anti-tank. Fortress turrets who try to stop a small soldier by fighting alone.

As a result of this effort, enemy AI is generally weakened. German soldiers will occasionally cover. However, they often open machine gun fires. And once you shoot, you shoot the majority of them. Variety is varied, but it is limited to general armies with similar weapons, camouflaged versions of the same soldiers capable of absorbing the cumbersome amount of bullets, and sometimes limited to flamethrowers. It feels like there's a boss fight on the car. Especially anti-vehicle weapons have become more difficult to come by.

The second campaign, the Nordlys, sent us to the frozen Nazi occupied Norway. In a blockade of a young female resistance activist, you are skiing and throwing a knife to kill the enemy. They are pretty tricky. For obvious reasons, when you throw your fingernails to satisfy the challenge of your mission, you are most likely to miss the stealth. You can easily do things easily with a throwing knife. You can fill the ski at any time. It will be fun, especially if you are not worried about skiing or you do not have to reload the checkpoints off the edge of the cliff. She is much more useful in the second – last mission. It allows you to open objects again and select a target. Skiing is not a substitute for a plane, but sadly absent here.

Use your skis to kill enemies by throwing your knife while zooming.

In order to increase diversity, Nordlys takes on the task by introducing a unique gameplay mechanic using frozen weather. In this game, there is a fire that must be kept free from frost. However, I would not have proceeded because the time limit did not match well with stealth kills.

It was harder to be interested in this character than the English. It's because I can not read the subtitles of the Norweigan voice acting during the shoot and it was also more interesting than the English partly because it was so simple in motivation and origins.

Tirailleur, the last campaign available at startup, is the best for a variety of reasons. The first is a skillful dealing with racial commentary during the liberation of France, which avoids feeling of heavy hand by giving a back seat to a more universal comment on the cost of bravery and ambition. History does not always agree with boldness. Despite a similar problem that forces non-French people to focus attention between capturing head shots and reading subtitles, Tirailleur's heroine is very effective as a person who leads him in a reckless way due to his noble goals.

Tirailleur is the only campaign that makes me feel like an important part of the army in war.

Second, Tirailleur is the only campaign that makes me feel like an important part of the army in war instead of superpower Rambo. Fighting with your fellow troops that cut from right to left in the first place makes the whole scenario much more plausible. In the past, when the charge was imposed, the wind blew a ridiculously large number of foliage on the bodies of both soldiers.

These battles, including the impressive Capdegra mission that occupies the fortified castles on the hill are massive, and we can not drive or steer any vehicle, but we can see the wonderful sight of the battle across the map, If it does not keep moving, there is a raining artillery and a rocket on you. I'm wondering why DICE did not rely on it more because it knows exactly what Battlefield is best for.

Repeatability in the campaign mission comes from the challenge of scattered collectibles and achievement styles that have to do with the least resistance roads, such as dropping a plane with a portable weapon or rescuing a resistor without being detected.

The campaign screen will feature a close tiger (Last Tiger), which will sooner or later be played from the perspective of a non-Nazi German who was drafted into a German tank crew. EA did not specifically tell when this campaign would start.

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