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Canadian men prepare for rugby world cup final offer in France


Canada is usually the last chance to play in the Rugby World Cup.

The 23rd Canadian soccer team plays 28 rounds against Kenya in Marseille, France. In addition, the bid for the 20th place and the lowest rank in the 2019 Rugby World Cup is 21st in Hong Kong and 29th in Germany.

Round robin winners will advance to Group B with New Zealand's top five, Australia's 14th, Italy 14th and Namibia 22nd.

The reception ends in March 2016, when St. Vincent and the Grenadines host Jamaica. It was the first of 182 matches involving 71 countries.

Veteran Scrum Phil Mack's Lucas Rumbeir, Kyle Bailey, Pat Pape, Tyler Aldon and DTH van der Merbe are among the leadership groups.

"This competition is about experience, Cup rugby," said Canadian manager Kingsley Jones.

"We need to stand up and be under pressure," he added.

Canada qualifies for the first qualifying round of the 8th Rugby World Cup. But it has become much harder this time with the effort to show that Canadian men still belong to big boys.

Canada was defeated in the series against the United States Eagles (80-44) and Uruguay (70-60).

Canada's stakes are highly dependent on world rugby funds. Leaving the World Cup can cost Rugby Canada $ 10 million.

Canada, which failed in the first two obstacles, has already lost $ 450,000 from the World Rugby Fund. Rugby Canada internally saved money to raise money for state unions to cut costs to support the pre-enrollment process.

"The 2019 Rugby World Cup qualifier is vital to the future of Canadian sports and the health and well-being of all Rugby Canada programs," Rugby Canada said at the time.

The optics were not good at Rugby Canada recently, but recently solved the labor dispute with the men's team. Seven 's boycott meant that Jones had not selected seven players in his repeater roster.

All three Canadian competitors will be motivated. Germany, Hong Kong and Kenya are competing to become the 26th country to play against their country in the 2011 Rugby World Cup and their first Russian debut.

Kenya has teamed up with seven veterans Collins Injera, Willie Ambarca, Andrew Amaton, Samuel Olić and Nelson Oyu. Injera came in second overall with 271 try-scorers (271) behind the British Dan Norton (299).

Jones is expecting a tough challenge from Africans on Sunday.

"They are physical. There are a lot of good players in South Africa." "They'll have a very good scrum, a set piece, Maul."

Captain Simbas, directed by New Zealand's Ian Snook.

Germany was assisted by billionaire Hans-Peter Wild. His family made money with Capri sunflower concentrate. Wild, who owns the Stade Francais club in France, has invested millions of dollars in German rugby.

Former Wales captain Jones is well aware of the Hong Kong claim. "I was born six miles from where I came from Wales," said Dai Rees, chief of rugby and coach Leigh Jones, spokesperson for the Hong Kong Rugby Union.

According to Jones, Hong Kong actively hired all of its employees.

"They came to Hong Kong on their website and sent an ad called" Do professional rugby. "

Rees calls Hong Kong entry "the most prepared international team we have produced so far."

Jones says the three rival teams are all accustomed to training and playing together. The Canadian challenge is to combine professional football with local professional amateurs who have difficulty finding regular games with clubs.

Canada will face Hong Kong on November 17th and Germany on November 23rd. All relay matches will be held in the star deck of 5,000.

Canadians take part in the warm-up competition at Oxford University and Coventry in three consecutive tournaments. Canada & # 39; A also flew Tonga & # 39; A in the World Rugby Americas Pacific Challenge in mid-October.

World Rugby has a repeater in one form or another since the 1999 World Cup. But this is the first time that there was a round robin event in one place.

Canada's record in the World Cup is 7-20-2. In the 2015 tournament, all four games were lost.

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