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CDPR, Thronebreaker GoG Exclusivity Does Not Work – Critical Hit

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Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales is an amazing game to marry a single player RPG game and a fighting card to provide one of the best games of the year.

"Wntcher story quickly becomes a genre paradigm: RPG root alchemy, addictive gameplay, and a great story are much more sophisticated than many would expect. From a point of view you may not find too much to write home, but in terms of gameplay, it is still a package that is important and worth the time. "

This game can be purchased by Steam after a very short period of exclusive rights to CDPR's own GoG. In import currencies through Eurogamer, co-CEO of Adam Kiciński, acknowledging that GoG monopoly actually did not help, resulting in a much worse result than CDPR expected.

"The game appealed to the community and raised expectations for sales, which unfortunately did not meet these expectations yet, but we are still optimistic … that the initial period has not reached our initial expectations Thronebreaker, though, is expected to continue to be sold in the next few years. "

Kiciński also said that the store exclusivity is not working properly and that the game is available on Valve's platform.

"The game first appeared in GOG for a pretty simple reason," Kiciński said. "GOG is our top priority platform and we want to release the game first to gamers who support us there, but the reach of GOG is much smaller than the scope of Steam." We have a large fan community called Steve Witcher So we also released the game there. "

While that may be part of the reason, the other is that GoG is not very good. I bought the Witcher 3 on GoG, and I wish I got it from Steam.

But Kiciński says people should not read this too much, suggesting that games like Cyberpunk 2077, which is anticipated in the future, may be exclusive to GoG.

Next month, the Thronebreaker will move to the game machine, so you will have to change your fate a bit.

Last updated: November 15, 2018

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