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Division 2 Progress Review – Updated

I am now on the cliff of Division 2 's last game. And my mediocre progress was pleasant, although not a bit ordinary. Each of the eleven PvE regions clearly has a similar mission structure, but new activities are introduced as they progress, and the freedom to perform these tasks in the order in which they are desired does not seem to have changed. The collapsed background of Washington D.C. is surprisingly well realized, with each corner and chest full of chests and collectibles.

When you roam to a new area, you can greet them through secure homes, greetings, story missions, and many other activities. Elite patrols for annihilation, friendly resource encouragement to protect, supply of blobs to be arrested, and other odds and ends. These activities are fun in and of themselves, but usually lead to looting and are marked on the map where possible. But I found that I can not find everything on the map that is worth doing. You will usually find the chest at the end of an otherwise pointless expedition that does not feel bad about addiction when it comes to exploring my curiosity. The adventurous spirit is an incredible feeling in a vast and beautiful world as depicted in Part 2 of Washington DC.

The villains filling D.C. are not as interesting as themselves. I am now level 30, and since level 15 I have not been introduced to the new enemy type. Disappointingly, the boss is still an ordinary villain with more hit points. The closest I've ever seen in a well-crafted boss encounter came from the base of the Earth Union Arena in the form of Diesel, and temporarily controlled a turret of a fixed armored vehicle, but turned out to be another Kevlar -clad hyena machine gun.

Thanks to Division 2's well-rounded battles, predictable battles are still fun.

In the Federal Bunker, creative contact designs such as the onslaught of numerous suicide bombers are noticeable, but in most cases you are faced with an assortment of rushers, snipers, engineers and gunners that you can expect. Thanks to Division 2's well-refined battles, even predictable battles are still fun. Gunplay affects the sponges of the original that have not yet been found. Enemies are deadly and artificial intelligence does a great job of trying to betray you. I have the hope that I will use this game on a strong foundation rather than just repeating it.

At this point I ran up to my elbow on the high end items, and as a result, I ended the honeymoon stage with the spoils of Division 2 (at least until gear scores, unique set bonuses and exotic species appeared). I'm interested in something that actually works, rather than something new and exciting. And LMGs, assault rifles and sniper rifles seem to have exclusive rights. I still hope to have the time to shine a shotgun, SMGs, DMRs into the correct build, but now choosing one of these weapons will result in a big loss of DPS.

The booty is surprisingly fun because it's a deep, well-communicated system like talent and attributes that I can use. "Ordering" talent to cook grenades is very useful. "Frenzy", which increases weapon damage and fire rate by 35% after reloading in an empty magazine, is as powerful and fun as hell.

Attributes are randomly rolled into one of three categories: attack, defense, and skill, although slightly less fancy but not critical. For example, it's important that you have attributes that are aggressive enough.

I want to see how it gets shaken when powerful variables like gear scores and extras are working.

These sophisticated systems are present on randomly rolled up basic statistics and set bonuses for other ARPGs. We have not yet begun to fine-tune the builds, but we can see that all these factors are investing in the second-generation spoils for a very long time. I want to see how it gets shaken when powerful variables like gear scores and extras are working.

Though I did not really intend, the daily video games were often crushed for a week, but I played a majority of 1 to 30 solos. For those who prefer this solitary style, I am happy to report that everything worked very well on their own. No content could feel the limit. In other words, I am committed to a shared world shooter to share the world, so I promise my limited experience of team play so far. Techniques such as the "Reviver Hive" to revive the dead or the dead allies, and the "Firestarter Chem Launcher" to cover the area of ​​the explosive gas at launch, provide a customized feel for multiplayer.

Matchmaking can always be a choice regardless of what you do. Just go to a secure terminal, a menu of open worlds or to someone and just press a few buttons. Matchmaking time is long in my experience, but I can tell whether time was ahead of the curve simply in terms of time invested. It is also surprising that we have a heated debate about the chat features of the Shared World shooter, but here we are. Chat in Division 2 is a cool feature.

Overall, the initial leveling of Division 2 was relatively enjoyable. You can easily erase the lower bar set in the genre, but it's still not exciting, but it's not an experience to get out of vacuum without an exciting experience. In fact, to succeed here, Part 2 should show you that you have spent well, providing unique ongoing multiplayer PvE and PvP gameplay that only you can get from a shared world shooter.

After 30 hours it would be nice to give 8.0 to score now. Whether the final game justifies the score, is improved, is disappointing, or should IGN keep watching – the final review is only a few days away.


March 13

Update progress: I am currently in 27th level and the final game is in sight! I was enjoying the increase in high-end drop frequency and the overall impression is still positive. Best of all, Division 2 has been more fun since my last update. It was good to get some weapons that could challenge the almighty assault rifle and sniper rifle, and the enemy encounters diversity continues to stimulate. More tomorrow!

1 day – March 12

Division 2 is on Level 18 after the first day. This means more than half of the initial leveling progress. But hope this shared world sequel has experienced less than half of the content it has to offer. It is disappointing. Division 2 has already been successful in a number of areas, and the original has been weakened, resulting in a positive impact on my impressions so far. Shots are sharp, enemies are mechanically diverse, and spoils are generous and interesting. Amazingly realized recreation in Washington, DC is enough for fun activities and hidden food. Based on the results of personal beta testing and public beta testing, I am still concerned that combat can return to the sea level from pirates, but the second part is very good now.

The story of the revised muzzle in Division 2 is as follows: The effect of the rebound is pronounced, faster than death, more than the "red bar" enemy to kill the enemy, Or staggering enemy phase). Especially in Mad Max-esque "Outcasts" there is a much more creative variety in relation to enemy prototypes. Their suicide bombers are liquid when they are damaged by a prominent explosive vest, the engineer's circle has a straight serrated RC car placed on the Battlebots, and the heavy object covered with armor is a stubby mini gun in favor of a chainsaw I will stop.

Another important topic in the battle of Division 2 that is enjoyable and helpful for reenactment is fatalities. All enemies are dangerous. Red bar hunting can die instantly, but if you neglect an aggressive side attack, it will tear in half. As a result, enemy bosses are difficult because they have the effect of pulling you away from a few (but still threatening) enemies as well as health pools and damage results.

Unfortunately, the boss is a bit of a disappointment so far. The enemies with the yellow name are only a steroid version of their subordinates and are disappointed. I am still waiting for a big, violent, unique and hand made boss encounter. Also, the named version of the light glove prototype, such as the sniper boss, feels like pulling the enemy 1 straight out of the unexplained sea surface.

The most important story in Division 2 has not really attracted my attention so far.

The most important story of Division 2 has not been my interest so far, but I have been able to do more bite-sized storytelling. The early Jefferson trade center mission effectively establishes a steak. The division agent was taken hostage and executed under the premises in an unexpected manner without interfering with the flow of game play. Similarly, a trip through a contaminated prehistoric museum spurred by the Easter Egg trail turned tragic when it realized that a peaceful zoo was in fact a hospice for the victims of Green Poison's fate.

Like the fight, progress is another area that delights me in Division 2. The guesswork seems to be probably if you feel something is going to make you a great loot. The control points are immediately blocked from the Greed & # 39; s Domain in Diablo 3, and the Dark Zone introduces both my first reward and the first advanced rare. Finally, there are plenty of chests scattered around the mission area and around the open world, so there is ample incentive to block and smell roses. Because of the Open World activities and the good results mentioned above, Washington DC is much less barren than originally recreating New York City.

The quantity is good, but the quality is essential, and the spoils of Division 2 are interesting in this regard, at least a pair of knee pads can be interesting. The first non-weapon I actually trashed was a high-end Kevlar vest called the "X-TREYME Pro Ribcage". In addition to boasting a tremendous amount of armor, I had the qualities and talents to enhance my health and facial expressions. Damage reduced by 20%. The mid-game item is pretty crazy. There seems to be a good correlation between aesthetic details and mechanical strength in relation to stat-bearing equipment. As far as the spoils are concerned, the weapon is absolutely stolen in Part 2, but I have also found an imbalance that is a problem between the weapon prototypes.

Up to now, the intermediate-rare P-416 represents the head and shoulders above all other weapons in terms of effective DPS.

Unlike Destiny or Anthem, Division 2 has an in-game means of measuring output per second in the form of a launch range. It is more than welcome, but it has the effect of gaining attention as to how balanced or imbalanced each weapon Akita is. Up to now, the intermediate-rare P-416 represents the head and shoulders above all other weapons in terms of effective DPS. And while there is a debate about using sniper rifles or LMGs over long distances, I do not think that any of my own shotguns (even rarity and high ratings) prefer to use shotguns. I honestly hope to untie high-end exotic equipment and hope this will change, but now I feel it's a waste of time to use many other weapons. It is disappointing.

At this point, I am working hard to advance the rest of the important story path in Division 2, and I am absolutely looking forward to the content of the final game. Before I reach the verdict, I need to investigate my areas of expertise, end PvE content, the Dark Zone and organize PvP. And the elements I've enjoyed so far may be stagnant or new, but I am now optimistic and enjoy my time with Division 2.

0 – March 11

Tom Clancy's review of The Division 2 has been going on since the release of the PC version this morning, and we are currently working on an important story to reach the final game content. I look forward to having a good reason to find a second division and introduce fun new spoils and enemy mechanics at a steady pace to get rid of the feeling of grinding and polishing the initial mane and building groups with other players. . We will continue to pay attention to whether realistic situations lead to relatively limited dynamics. I look forward to a great boss encounter and meaningful gear selection. Reality is no boring excuse.

So far, in just a few hours, a few facts have been highlighted. Division 2's real firearms are punchy and effective when compared to previous models. To ensure compensation, the mouse and keyboard have enough recoil and the enemy reacts to firing much faster than originally. This is a small but important detail to make muzzle operations satisfying. Another factor of it is time-to-kill. I do not want to mention yet, imagining that it will be longer when it progresses. I must sell my guns through the story as a whole, effective, and in the illusion of a mild balance that can be achieved when the human enemy can absorb hundreds of rounds before retiring. So far, the best idea of ​​Division 2 is to use a visual indicator, such as a bulky armor that can break down to convey the resilience of the enemy. However, this trick seems to be unique to the "heavy" enemy circle. Beta's sponge bosses are missing this destructive armor.

The spoils have been interesting so far. But that does not say much. My first AK-M search was fun enough, but the real test of whether Division 2 will succeed in an RPG depends on whether I am happy to pick up the hundredth version of the same rifle. When you finish the game, I will tell you my style of play, tell me the style of play, and just raise my damage and stamina.

I am interested in what the exciting post-epidemic world will bring in in terms of unique gameplay.

As I have seen, one-on-one recreation in Washington, DC is a complex assembly of the motive power of New York City, which was one of the strongest features of New York City. But I am more interested in seeing this sequel in terms of unique gameplay opportunities populating this impressively dirty post-pandemic world. Activities to date are open world events, such as a control point that provides a challenging onslaught of enemies due to a fight with a fun boss and access to a room full of loot upon completion.

The last thing we want to discuss at this early stage is a dark area, which is a dynamic open space where there are many hard enemies and players can turn on each other at any time. That's what I expected most in Division 2. However, my experience in the beta was not promising because of the red tape before the battle. If you want to damage another player, you must first report yourself as a rogue. Pressing a button, etc. This is an important detail that is not explained in the Beta's introductory Dark Zone mission. PvP in a high equity environment should be intuitive and understandable. On its credit, two of the three dark areas in the sequel are normalized, meaning that player levels and devices should not be important in combat, and it must lead to a less confused stat-driven battle with other players. But in the beta test I still asked, "Why did not you die?" If everything is really equal, the moments that I can help but can not feel have ended differently. I hope that by investing more time in the new dark zone, the situation will be resolved and its benefits will shine.

This is of course an absolute tip of the iceberg. This review will be updated frequently during the review process until the final review score is posted. It will happen after experiencing everything Division 2 has to offer. So I do not know exactly how long it will be, but I will find it together. Please post your comments or questions. ThuggnDuggn's Twitter.

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