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Final Fantasy 15 boss is working on the first Paralympic RPG.

Final Fantasy XV director Tajita Hajime and his Studio JP game will produce the first official Pegasus Dream Tour, the official Paralympic video game.

The Parasymus Dream Tour, announced by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), "increases participation in the youth market in the Paralympic Games, widely recognized as the world 's third largest sporting event" It is part of a big initiative to make the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

The Pegasus Dream Tour will be available worldwide in 2020 and will help celebrate the 2020th Paralympic Games in Tokyo from August 25th to September 6th.


The game itself will be set up as a sports based RPG to participate in a virtual obstacle game and awaken the 'Xtra Power' ability in a fantasy metropolis called Pegasus City.

"Before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, we want to find innovative ways to interact with new, younger audiences," said Andrew Parson, president of IPC. "This game will increase interest in the Paralympic Games, I am in many parts of the world where I can enjoy and experience passionate atmosphere, enthusiasm, and excitement all over the world. The Paralympic Sport is excellent and helps to change the attitude to people with disabilities just like everyone else. I am really happy to see how the athlete's excellent ability is expressed. "

Tabata, who left Square Enix and Luminous Group last year, said after the announcement that most of the remaining Final Fantasy XV DLCs had been canceled, "I want to fully express the unique wonders of Paralympic sports."

"This is not a regular video game about sports," Tabata said of the new project. "JP GAMES will express the unique wonders of the Paralympic Games in this new role-playing game, which we hope to contribute to the future growth of Paralympic Games. It's entertainment with content. "

The Pegasus Dream Tour will be launched worldwide in 2020 with various platforms including "smart phones."

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