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Former CEO Steinhoff selected eight people for suspicious transactions.

Stinhoff International has found eight former CEO Markus Jooste, who allegedly committed a suspicious transaction that nearly destroyed retailers around the world.

The company's executives were forced to reveal the name on the South African Parliament committee, warning that President Hather Sonn and Louis du Preez could endanger the investigation and violate European privacy laws . The announcement came as a result of PwC's forensic investigation, according to a report released on Friday, according to a report that showed that non-periodic transactions with eight companies in 2009 and 2017 reached € 6.5 billion ($ 7.4 billion).

"We want to focus on prosecution," Zohen told a Cape Town senator on Tuesday. According to the legislation of Parliament, any committee can provide information only if it has an indemnification promise, unless it is a criminal offense.

& # 39; Unstable position & # 39;

The name is being released as the owner of Conforama in France, and Mattress Firm of the United States says it is "in an unstable position." Steinhoff intends to finalize an agreement with the creditors due to a revelation of accounting fraud in December 2017. Its worth. An elite South African police officer, known as the Hawks, told lawmakers that one of the investigations on fraud was an advanced stage, and that the investigation was extended and that the team "solidified" and committed the wrongdoing could be justified.

Other names

Siegmar Schmidt, former Steinhoff European Director Dirk Schreiber, former European Finance Minister Steinhoff George Alan Evans, Campion Capital SA Ben La Grange, Geneva, Steinhoff 's former CFO Stehan Grobler, Steinhoff' s former Secretary Davide Romano And Jean-Noel Pasquier were also listed as part of Campion Capital.

Jooste's cell phone promptly went to voicemail when asked for comment and did not respond to the text message immediately. Schmitt's call rang without response and did not respond to the text message immediately. La Grange did not answer his phone or answer a text message, and neither Schreiber nor Grobler responded.

Evans, Romano, and Pasquier were exiled by Evans and Romano, who were called from companies listed as directors. I did not immediately reply to the email I sent to Romano and Evans. Pasquier's autoresponder said he had left the office by March 25 to inquire about Romano.


PwC's nearly 100 auditors have worked hard for more than a year, and as a result, the company plans to further investigate accounting fraud as it prepares its audits for 2017 and 2018, scheduled for next month.

Hawks was disciplined by the chairman of the Parliamentary Supervisory Commission for Yunus Carrim's financial affairs, spending too much time investigating the matter. Lt. Gen. Godfrey Lebeya said it would be helpful for the unit to take it seriously and keep the names of those allegedly involved.

Jooste said the company's recession began in September with the prolonged disputes with former partners in South African congressmen. He also said he did not know about the financial fraud that the company reported when he quit. Instead, he accused Deloitte of seeking further investigation into financial mismanagement in Europe shortly before retailers reported their treasury in 2017.

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