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Grammys 2019: Did they finally get hip hop?

Grammys was always frustrated to find the right representation and recognition for hip-hop. For 30 years after the recording academy created its first lap category, betting became safer as to whether Grammys could expect hip hop candidates and winners correctly (poorly).

Last night, we lent credence to the widespread "Grammy Shark" attitude that made it easy for hip-hop A-listers, although Drake cut off the microphone during his acceptance speech and yet the nominee did not admit to being barbaric yet. I feel good about not performing with Kendrick Lamar or even not attending the performance.

There is precedent in all this. In 1989, the relationship between Grammys and Rap was unstable when the recording academy named DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, J.J. Fad, LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa were awarded the Best Rap Performance Award, but it was not important enough to be televised. Some from the back pat. This caused rappers like Fresh Prince and LL Cool J to boycott Grammys. Since then, Grammys seems to have a knowledge of what is happening in hip-hop. On the way to celebrate the winners of artists such as Kanye West and OutKast, off-brand candidates like Skee-Lo, Flo Rida and Iggy Azalea are not only a victory for the academy's hearing impaired but also a nod I will. . The trend is to win Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 2014 best rap album burglar Kendrick Lamar's superior, culturally relevant, Good boy. city. In GrammyLand, the opinion of the tourist lab crowd always seems to color the voices of the people of the culture.

This year's Grammys was supposed to be different. Recording Academy has made a comprehensive effort to add 900 new voting members to correct the past sin and to create a future that better reflects current music conditions. Of course, something structurally flawed could not be solved at once, but they were working. So when we find a song of his past Eminem and childish Gambino no one loves rap Really Grammys shrugged our shoulders because we named respected artists like Cardi, Nipsey Hussle, Drake, Pusha T, Mac Miller, and Travis Scott. But here we have a mixed bag, including a win that gives us the feeling of loss again in the aftermath of the bonus night. Levels teams evaluate each rap category to determine how well Grammys responded to hip-hop.

Best rap / castle collaboration, Song of the Year, Winner of the Year – Winnie Gambino: "This is America"

Remember when the university had a white professor full of guilty dying to the right of history, slip an essay on black poop and get A easily. Childish Gambino became the first rap track to win this year's song and record of the year as well as "It Is America" ​​won the Best Rap / Sung Collaboration Grammy.

like Green Book Grammys, who won the Gambino on the Golden Globe in January, was just a spinning industry for the newly discovered wokeness. Gambino admires that he did not try hard with a cheap imitation of the Atlanta Hip Hop Cadence and with a Julioard student to sound like a label on behalf of Metro Boom. (He also did not attend the ceremony.) – Alphonse Pierre

Best Rap Album Winner – Cardi B: Invasion of privacy

Cardi B (and not to forget) from the Bronx became her debut album, the first solo female artist to win the Best Rap Album. Invasion of privacy, Putting her in the league with Lauryn Hill, who won her as a member of the Fugees. Of course, you are Travis Scott's vast Astroworld Or Pusha T's short and sweet Daytona You can delete Ariana Grande and suggest that late Mac Miller was robbed, but why? If we had cultural influence, jumped, or surpassed expectations, Cardi did more than that. She even proved that she was a charity woman, standing on the stage, with her back like Offset's cheetah ass. This is a victory that enhances the credibility of Grammys and is a great opportunity for celebration, not hatred. -Timmhotep Aku

Best rap performance winner – Anderson. "Bubblin" and Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Future, and James Blake: "King 's Dead"

In whose mind was there a toss between these songs? Really, really? Have you ever found yourself reciting a line in Anderson aside from the supremacy of other candidates, such as "God's Plan", "Be Careful", "Sicomode"? Paak's aight-to-death single "Bubblin" The symbolic "La di da di da / Slob on my knob" of the future of "King's Dead" Guessing the voters wanted a black horse in Paak, Black boxer It sings a beat. This is what it looks like to get it. A little right. -Timmhotep Aku

Best rap song winner – Drake: "God's plan"

So the world 's greatest artist, Drake, unexpectedly starts collecting the best rap song Grammy that' s made for "God 's Plan". And Grammys let us sit through both of us after J.Lo was able to stand on Motown's praise stage. Miley Cyrus guest performance and the best song of the night convincing duet between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Can not you give Drake two minutes before blocking mid-microphone speech? The Recording Academy swore that Drake was done and happy, saying, "It's not too good for TV," according to Drake's Instagram caption. Will Taylor Swift be cut off to Grammy? Adele? If Drake can not get respect in Grammys, can he get respect from other people in hip-hop? – Alphonse Pierre

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