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How does Cross Save work on Destiny 2?

Single Fate 2: Shadow ProtectionThe most exciting new feature is a cross-save feature that allows players to move between Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Steam for Windows PC and Xbox One without losing track of progress.

However, cross-storage is a complex tool and needs some explanation in order to understand it. Out of the Shadows On a small page on ViDoc and on his website, Bungie began to reveal details about how cross saves work.

One account to dominate all of them

Way to the ruthless Hunter for Red Dee

When cross-store is enabled, players with multiple accounts must select the account they want to cross-store.

The player can see a glimpse of this UI during ViDoc (see above) and shows players connecting a single account to multiple consoles. The player Destiny 2 Once you add your profile to your Google Stadia account, Xbox Live account, Playstation Network ID, or Steam profile, you should be able to sign in. Destiny 2 Enter your text, log out, and then log in with the same progress.

Players that already have separate accounts on different platforms (eg, a PlayStation 4 player that moves to a PC) will not delete the previous character even if you add cross save.

What about merge accounts?

Players with multiple accounts on multiple consoles can not merge accounts. For example, a player with Warlock on a PC and Titan on an Xbox can not bind two characters to the same account. The player must choose a dominant account.

Also, players can not merge Silver (actual currency of Destiny) between accounts.

What about cross play?

Crossplay – means that the player on the PC can play with the player of the PlayStation 4 or Stadia, and the cross save is often done together. However, this feature will not be available. Fate 2 With the cross store.

But in an interview with Jason Schreier, Bungie's creative leadership teams Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy (Mark Noseworthy) mentioned that they want to see cross-play as their ultimate. Fate 2.

Do I need to buy extensions again?

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris - Osiris and Sagira

New Light is based on Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris, Warmind.
Address / Activision

Extended licenses are the most complex aspect. Fate 2Your new crossover feature.

If you plan to play with multiple consoles, you may be wondering exactly what you should buy to purchase. Fate 2 work. Should I buy everything from the second console?

To play extended content, you need to expand on the platform you are playing. For example, the last wish attack Forsaken expansion. I already have it for Windows PC, but I want to play it on the PlayStation 4 Forsaken On the PS4.

But if you want to run around in a dreamy city or explore a broken throne dungeon Forsaken Exotic quests are normally available as a free version of the game. Destiny 2: New Light Players can explore all the world, play PvP, play Gambit, and strike.

If you have Forsaken Switching from one location to another does not limit the game's load-out. So you can not complete Forsaken Explore exotic weapons on platforms you do not own ForsakenOnce you use this weapon, you can use an exotic weapon.

If you are confused about what you have, the Cross Save Settings menu appears to track all licenses on the platform.

Can I cross store now?

There is not yet a cross save. But Bungie noted that this feature would arrive this summer on a cross-save website. Fate 2: Shadow Protection It will not be available until September 17, the autumn announcement date.

Before Bungie makes a cross-save Shadow protection, Players can experience the wonders of cross storage before new content comes out.

Bungie's website allows you to register for cross-storage alerts, so we'll notify you by email when the feature is available.

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