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How does healthy fats help weight loss?

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If you've been through your diet for over a decade, you may want to avoid fat for weight loss. But public opinion has changed in recent years and "good" province is not only considered an important part of every meal, but also the key to shedding pounds. If you do not exaggerate it, anyway.

The Institute of Medicine recommends a daily intake of 20-35% of calories per day. Healthy fats contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids. Christy Brissette, a registered dietitian from Chicago and president of 80 Twenty Nutrition, said POPSUGAR found in fish, nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil.

"Fat is digested more slowly than other nutrients, making it easier to adjust to a weight-loss diet because the food is getting better and more satisfying," Christie said. "Research shows that people are so hungry that it is difficult to stay in low-fat foods for long, and that the Mediterranean diet includes healthy fats."

According to Brigitte Zeitlin, a registered dietitian and a BZ nutritionist in New York City, filling up nutritious foods can prevent overeating and overeating to reduce unnecessary calories and help weight loss. "Including healthy fats in all meals and snacks is a great way to achieve weight loss goals," POPSUGAR said.

Christy suggests a meal. complete Maybe seeds, including pumpkin, sunflower, chia and hemp, for you will get the added benefit of fiber that is full and can help support weight loss. Likewise, eggs are filled because they are rich in high quality proteins as well as healthy fats.

"It's important to keep healthy fats at a reasonable size because they have a higher calorie than protein, fruits and vegetables.I always instruct the customer to keep a pre-determined size of nuts for afternoon snacks." 100 calorie pistachio snack packs " "The healthy fats (and protein and fiber) of nuts are the perfect size to maintain weight-loss goals while filling you," Bridgett said.

Brigitte recommends using olive oil for salad dressing or cooking oil and adding seeds such as oatmeal, salad and soup to soup. It is a habit that you do not regret keeping it for a long time after reaching the target weight.

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