Saturday , June 3 2023

How Safe is a Driven Car ?: The results of the crash test have been explored


Global NCAP believes that the ESC, along with both the front and the side airbags, must have standard safety equipment in cars.

"South African consumers are no less important than Europeans, Australians, Japanese, or Americans, why should you get lower security features?" – He told.

"Lower production costs have resulted in higher profits for producers in developing countries who have been heavily financed by fatalities and injured people.

"The Global NCAP is of the opinion that vehicle safety needs to be democratized and we are working hard on this," he said.

The organization, alongside AA, seeks to present the flagged impact markers for new cars sold in South Africa.

This is a step supported by AA.

"We believe consumers have the right to know what security ratings are for cars they want to buy," says Governor Collins, AA Khumalo.

  • Wendy Knowler Global NCAP and AA carried the two wagons – the Hyundai i20 and Toyota Yaris – to test the accident in Munich.

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