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Mbeki, Maduna and Bribery: The late drama of the Zuma case

A mysterious letter, believed to be communications between Prime Minister and the Hawks, appeared last Thursday on Jacob Zuma's proposal for permanent residence.

11 o'clockWork In a reply to the state's claim to Zuma and his co-accuser Thales, the advocate of Muzi Sikhakhane, who represents Zuma, attempted to send a letter to the proceedings.

Sikhakhane said he would like to read a letter from the NPA on the entire KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg on an investigation in March 2018.

Former Attorney General Penuell Maduna and former President Tabo Mbeki participated in the investigation, according to Sikhakhane.

Hawks spokesman did not comment until the letter was recorded in court.

News24 understands that the letter led to Zuma's allegations against him for having claimed him for political intrigue.

The Supreme Court of Appeals ruled earlier that the motives behind the indictment were inadequate and that prosecution was not illegal. This was claimed by Wim Trengove SC for the country on Thursday.

He said. Shikakane: "I submitted my facts on Monday and political interference is clear," he said.

"This morning Mr Trengove told the court that he had at least a role for Mr. Maduna instead of the NPA on Maduna's role, and in fact it was just a meeting."

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The mentioned meeting was mentioned by Zuma in her reply statement, and the state requested that the paragraph be kept in the court records. At the start of the court on Thursday, the court was left in court, saying that Zuma admitted the strike.

"In his statement Statement 141.16 Mr Zuma made a new assertion that the Justice Department, Dr. Maduna, NDPP (Bulelani) Ngcuka and Mbeki met him to persuade him to quit politics.

In 2015, Mail & Guardian argued that the court had given Mbeki a $ 2 million bribe in 2003 when Muma left politics, Zuma said.

News24 confirmed in a well-placed source that this letter was directly related to the political conspiracy charged with Zuma.

Sikhakhane asked the court if he knew the letter to NPA lawyers on Wednesday.

"The paper I want to read confirms the fact that the role of Maduna in March 2018 is limited to 2018, and has asked for investigation. The intervention of bribery and Thabo Mbeki I want to submit it to the court on the premise, "said Sikhakhane.

This is a clue to the contents of the letter.

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Trengove argued that the Zuma team should bring an application if they wanted to present "fresh" evidence during the proceedings.

"I did not say anything about Mr Maduna and I read the statement in front of the court, but I did not explain it at all," Trengove said.

The court was adjourned by the instructions of the Bench lawyers to reach an agreement on this letter.

If they can not, the application will be heard to hear a letter on Friday morning and is expected to close Anton Katz SC's claim for Thales afterwards.

Zuma said he plans to address his supporters outside the courtroom after the proceedings are finalized, News24 explained.

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