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Meandos aside, Duduzane and Jonas agree on three major fa …

Mcebisi Jonas' 60-minute effort on the Gupta bribe went to bed when Wim Trengove, the chief advisor to the Deputy Treasury Secretary, returned to the basics within ten minutes of cross-testing at the State Capture Commission.

Wim Trengrove, senior vice president of Mimbisi Jonas, is a conflicting version of Jonas and Zuma Jr. on a controversial October 23, 2015 meeting – that the Gupta brothers had proposed to Jonas that he proposed a finance minister in exchange for R600 Argued. -m – Remains "very narrow".

  • It's a common cause they met at the Hyatt.
  • They later drove the car to the Saxonwold Mansion in Guptas. and
  • It is a common cause for the Gupta brothers in the mix.

The only difference is what happened during the meeting.

And Trengove is one thing Duduzane Zuma's adviser, Piet Louw, did not mention on Friday morning in a cross-examination.

In the presence of Duduzane, Jonas argued that one of the Gupta brothers had proposed R600,000 prepaid cash and R600-million in exchange for the removal of the highest rank of the Treasury.

Duduzane's version is that the whole purpose and theme of Saxonwold's meeting was Fana Hlongwane, a controversial businessman who attempted to intimidate Jonas.

Bizarrely, Duduzane, which Jonas has not met by October, is now set up to mediate two "old friends".

Jonas said Hlongwane had never been intimidated by him and never blamed a businessman for doing so.

Jonas said that if there is an intimidation rumor, he can solve it directly with Hlongwane through a simple phone call.

Trengove reassessed Jonas after a somewhat strained cross-examination session and said, "We want to believe that the only purpose of the meeting is in the threatening rumors."

This is probably the reason why Hlongwane "asked" Jonas to meet Duduzane.

Hlongwane, who applied for a vacation to cross Jonas, did not appear on Friday morning.

The Commission was told that several notices confirming the date of the cross-examination were not answered by Hlongwane or his legal representative.

Duduzane is not on the same page as Guptas at the Saxonwold meeting.

Trengove reminded the committee that Guptas had issued a media statement shortly after Jonas released his bribe claims in 2016.

They lied and said, "Absolutely clear, there was no meeting at all," Trengove said in his simple tone to the cross test.

He started a cross-examination early on the day of advocating Louw for Duduzane, and he said that the truth about Jonas' bribery allegations should be investigated as the "creation" of the Public Investigation Bureau's Capture State report and the State Capture's reference conditions .

Louw, among other things, investigated the Jonas version of the pre – Zono panel and why the bribery story was different from the statement he initially made to the public defender.

Because Jonas was at another time in 2015, his reaction to the PP was rushed, and some information was drawn inaccurately about the incident he attempted to explain together.

Louw has spoken with Duduzane several times at a meeting until October 23, and has told Jonas about some differences, including Duduzane's first talk about Guptas' invitation to attend this year's South Africa. I screamed. Consciousness.

Louw asked Jonah if he had agreed to meet Duduzane without knowing why, and he would have gone there from Duduzane's car instead of his meeting. – I do not know why.

Jonas has previously testified that Duduzane said there are people he needs to meet.

He admitted that he had left his official vehicle and security personnel driving with Saxonwold with Duduzane.

He said that the closer Duduzane's car is, the more unusual.

Louw said that there was no argument that Jonas went from Duduzane's car there, but the controversy was Jonas's motive with him.

"Have you asked what the purpose of the meeting is? "Jonas said he did not do it.

Another aspect of Jonas' testimony was about the conduct of Chief Hawks officials who came under severe investigation and attempted to stop the Gupta bribery investigation.

Louw asked Jonas if the long time passed between the proposed date of the bribe in March 2016 (October 2015) and the expected date of publication.

Except for former Finance Ministers Pravin Gordhan and Nhlanhla Nene, Jonas said he had not told anyone until then.

"The situation at that time was very hostile. I hardly trusted the police, the Hawks and the information. "Jonas said.

Louw said he did not report a series of cases and why Jonas did not report serious bribery charges to law enforcement authorities and did not cooperate with the Hawks after the Hawks were publicly wounded. Jonas and former Hawks president Berning Ntlemeza and Zintle Mononopi,

Jonas did not trust Hawks at the time and when Mononopi first contacted him to arrange a meeting he told him, "I want to finish the matter, and I need a statement to you."

Mononopi was also given the first vacation to cross Jonas, but the committee said the application was withdrawn.

In closing his review, Trengove reminded the committee last year that Ntlemeza was appointed head of the Hawks. Under the Freedom Under Act and the Helen Suzman Foundation, the entire Pretoria High Court benchmarked Nottmeza's appointment and said it was inappropriate.

Nrengmeza said Trengove was actually behind a "miserable" attempt to prosecute former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

* The committee will resume on Monday, when Denel's team will begin. DM


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