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People are embarrassed about the throne of the game's thriller, and these are the facts that need to know –

People have experienced "sadness" over the course of eight seasons. The Game Of Thrones.

There is even a petition to rewrite the entire season.

I am convinced that more than 500 idiots who named a child named "Khaleesi" started last year.

Anyway, this & # 39; big sadness & # 39; This is the last episode to be broadcast in the United States this Sunday.Means that there is news about the show everywhere.

If you have not seen it from the beginning, it is almost impossible to grasp the progress. You have two options.

1: I spend the weekend watching the bloom for one week to eight days. Showmax.

2: Keep reading the minimum information you need to know to attend your friend's place. The Game Of Thrones You can occasionally chime in a finale party or office chat.

There is VICE.

I'm not worried about the game of Touch Oblast! There is still a way to make people feel around on Sunday night. First of all, do not try to watch the Game of Thrones Wiki. It will only overwhelm you and fill you with fear. Seriously, do not.

Instead, here is a summary summary.

  • Wester Ross is where everyone lives. There are other places, but the last few issues / survivors of the episode are all in Westeros' Kings Landing, so it's all you need to know about geography.
  • The withdrawal is that everyone is fighting. It is a literal and figurative throne. When you sit at it, you rule seven kingdoms. Many people died to sit on it.
  • Daenerys started with the "chain breaker" (she will mention it at least once in the last episode) that liberated slaves. Now she is all angry and kills everyone's city. Everyone was very angry.
  • John Snow does not know anything. He is also a niece of Daenerys, not a bad guy, which seems strange every time he tries to sleep with her. She was angry because she had shaved her bones before she knew they were involved, and she fits it well.
  • Tirion Ranister will probably die. Do not stick too much time because he peed at Daenerys.
  • Only Sansa and Arya Stark are the only smart characters. Arya is an assassin who can wear the faces of others and Sansa is now the sister and ruler of the north.

If all this is too confusing, find a cameo and production error and have fun. Last week we had one last cup of coffee and Ed Sheeran even appeared in the past.

And if everything else fails, comfort it that it will end next week.


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