Thursday , June 1 2023

Perfect Djokovic, Anderson enter the ATP Final


London – Novak Djokovic I created a tennis master class on Saturday. Kevin Anderson In the ATP Finals, Alexander Zverev was the title judge. Alexander Zverev took Roger Federer out of the game by a bizarre ball.

D Djokovic comfortably saw South Africa's fourth seed, 6-2, 6-2. Sherbesk was never far away in the record sixth season at London's O2 arena.

Zverev, 21, beat Federer 7-5 (7/5) and won the 100th title for a Swiss veteran.

Anderson participated in the evening contest, knowing that his serve had to be fired from all cylinders unless he missed any chance against one of the greatest returnees in the history of the game, Jockovich.

However, the huge South Africa accounted for 48% of the first serve in the first set and Djokovic was ruthless when punishing the opponent. I played the first game and repeated the feat before leaving before set.

Djokovic hit the ball with mesmeric accuracy, broke the fading opponent at the start of the second set, and emphasized the total defeat again in the fifth game.

His number of servings is far greater than his return. He never broke in four games in London and took only two breaks.

The 14th Grand Slam champion has been defeated two times since last July.

The end of Federer and Zberg's match ended with an unusual incident. Schweer had a lead with 4-3 in the second set after Fairer dropped the ball.

Federer won the game with a simple forehand volley, and Zverev beat the Ace before leading Germany 5-4.

Anabel Croft, the court's interviewer, said he was "respectful" to the pro-Federer O2 crowd because Zverev was playing the rules.

"Obviously the crowd did not understand it a bit, I was not angry, but I was a little sad because of the reaction and reaction of the crowd," Sverp said.

"Perhaps they did not know what actually happened, it was probably part of the reaction, but you know, that day Roger told him that he was sorry for him.

Federer described it as a "great call," but Zverev said he was not responsible.

Serve dominated the first set of finals, but Switzerland, which won six times in the final, eventually defeated the 12th.

The second seed rearranged the first blood in the second set, drawing the first blood, and ridiculously overturning the line in the third game, which attracted enormous cheers from the faction crowd.

However, the frustrated 20-time Grand Slam winner was unable to consolidate his position, defeating Zverev's next match, leveled 2-2.

It was tied till the tenth point when Federer reached the finals to hand Zverev a mini brakes.

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