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SA rugby, achieving change goals

Cape Town – SA Rugby It was one of only eight of the South African Sports Federations in 1957 and was announced Tuesday in the 6th report of the Famous People Group (EPG) for Sporting Change in Pretoria.

SA rugby has achieved 60 percent of the goals agreed with the South African Sports and Recreation Department (SRSA) and the South African Sports Federation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

EPG sets a minimum goal of 50% goal with a successful compliance measurement.

Other federations that achieved the goal were table tennis, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, cricket, netball, basketball and so on.

"Rugby continues to be successful in the process of change, and we are pleased with the results of the EPG report." Julie Ruth, CEO of SA Rugby.

"We have maintained a 60% performance against the background of the ascending goal compared to the previous year.

"We are now in the final year of the original Strategic Change Plan (STP) and have made significant progress over the last four years, and we look forward to continuing in 2019."

SA Rugby praised the report for its ability to monitor and evaluate variant data known as "very high standards".

Roux added that SA Rugby is in the process of finalizing the organization's succession transformation plan by the end of 2030.

"We felt the benefits of being a business that prioritized the benefits and changes as a sport," Roux said. "A few years ago, we were banned from bidding for mega events because of the conversion performance, but that's behind us. The emotions around Springboks and rugby have undergone their own changes in recent years. "

South Africa's national rugby team recently joined the captains of Shakes Soyizwapi (Springbok Sevens), Phendulani Buthelezi (U20s co-captain), Zintle Mpupha (Springbok Women's Sevens), Siya Kolisi (Springboks) and Sindi Booi .

Sports minister, Tokosil Inc.Since the introduction of EPG, sports have pointed out that they have made "positive and meaningful progress".

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