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Sans Souci Says Fine, Warning

Sans Souci's teacher hit the video after the first court appearance. Photo: Sisonke Mlamla / Cape Argus

Cape Town – Sans Souci Girls High, who hit a student in school, will work again on April 2.

Jessica Shelver, a spokesman for the West KK Ministry of Education, said in a statement that Sans Souci's School Operations Organization (SGB) has decided to issue a fine and a final warning to Clarissa Venter.

Venter, a 34-year-old SGB-appointed non-minister, is also required to participate in anger management classes.

On February 5, Venter was taped to a video recorded on a video of a student's oral anus.

The mother of Gugulethu's 16-year-old 9th grader withdrew her child from school before the disciplinary hearing began last month.

Venter will still appear for the second time in court on April 18 on charges of assault brought by her mother. She also allegedly assaulted a student who appeared in court. On camera last month.

The disgruntled child's lawyers said that before the hearing, the mother was not convinced that she was "fair or fair".

Court students said last month, "The decision to withdraw the learner from school was triggered by concerns about welfare in the face of unfair and illegal treatment and extreme hostile circumstances that she submitted.

"This is not an environment in which she can study, and in such a situation, there is no alternative but to take her child to school at school.

Before leaving the school about San Souci after the court appearance last month, the student said: "There is toxicity. If you do not give in to what you have to say, it is not a safe space or you are wrong – You are considered rude, you are sacrificed, harassed and mismanaged. "

Except in court, the student's mother plans to take legal action against the school and the Cape Cape Department of Education on her right to claim to have been abused.

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