Wednesday , April 14 2021

South Africa: 'We still do not exist, but we see the light' – Sapo, Clear mail back log

The South African Post Office (SAPO) said it is processing about 4.8 million local postal balances, but international figures are much higher.

However, the exact nature of international checks is not clear.

SAPO has worked hard to resolve the accumulation since nearly 38 million parcels and correspondence were accumulated by the strike about four months ago.

"At the local level, we have 4.8 million items in the backlog," said Mark Barnes, CEO.

Barnes added that he expects the order backlog to be exhausted by the end of November.

He promised that SAPO had previously promised that the order backlog would be reorganized by the end of September and October, but for many reasons it could not keep its promise.

"International mail is a bit more complicated, because you can see a large quantity of products and a large number of products ordered online, and a lot of services are needed for the products," Barnes said.

He said that in some cases SAPO should check the invoice and counter parcels and manually intervene. This caused a backlog in international mail.

Barnes said the post office prioritizes "more urgent" mail on mail, rather than priority mail.

"If you use magazines and other mail, you'll have more money," he said.

He said that employees are doing their best to catch up, especially since the Christmas season is at its peak.

"Christmas for us begins around October and runs through January, and the peak of the year is four months.

"We have improved the situation by 90% since April, and we are still not there, but there is light …" he said.

To help with the crisis, Barnes said SAPO strengthened its regional managers, deployed more resources, and paid for all suppliers.

"We are discussing internationally with more than one point in entering the SA, and not everything comes to us. If we are aiming for KZN, we are trying to take them straight to Durban. [having] It's coming through our terminal. "

He also added that the department is deploying people every Friday to help mail centers.

source: News24

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