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SpaceX's Starhopper is almost ready for the first flight. [photos]

Elon Musk's SpaceX will soon test the Starhopper test vehicle. The Starhopper test vehicle will be available at the SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica, Texas.

Starhopper is expected to fly 500m in low-altitude flight and 50m in high-altitude flight. Starhopper is basically a bare-bones version of Starship.

SpaceX Starhopper elon musck
Caption: "I think I'm ready to put the final product on." / Twitter via Image: @EmreKelly

Starship is a massive rocket that SpaceX will use to send people to the Moon and Mars. Starhopper is smaller than Starship but has similar structure to Starship.

While Starhopper is used to test several design elements of Starship, the main purpose of testing is to test a powerful Raptor engine built for deep space rockets.

SpaceX Starhopper elon musck
Caption: "A really cool view of SpaceX's Starship / Starhopper" / Twitter via Image: @EmreKelly

In April, SpaceX carried out the first test of connecting the Raptor engine to Starhopper and lifting the connected ball a few inches. SpaceX is now planning to perform a series of "hop" tests.

Starhopper uses three landing bridges sent to low altitudes on the Earth to move back to the earth to attempt landing.

Astronaut staronpper elon musk
Caption: "It was a good morning for a relaxing flight around Cocoa, Florida." The shadow block called SpaceX.This on the first photo's horizon is NASA's car assembly building. "Image via Twitter: @Mike_Seeley

This is similar to a series of tests performed using the Grasshopper test craft in 2012 and 2013. We were testing the landing technology that Falcon 9 was using at the time.

Last month's tether test showed that the Starhopper lift-off had only one raptor engine, but Elon Musk finally confirmed that the Starhopper would be equipped with three engines for high flying.

It is not yet clear when the Starhopper test will begin, but Cameron County notified the road closures around May 28th.

A star hopper can be in the air in a week. But we are more likely to wait a few weeks ahead of us.

In the first round of the test, the first road closure notification and a few weeks before the final test began, it could take two to three weeks after the test started.

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