Thursday , February 2 2023

Sterling Comic Spot kick from Manchester City


Manchester – Manchester City You do not have to sideline. Shakhtar Donetsk 6-0 He has been in the last 16 games to advance to the Champions League, but he has even been promoted to a manager who has been promoted to a surprise penalty kick. Pep Guardiola And the introduction of VAR.

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Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai went ahead 1-0 with Raheem Sterling taking on David Silva's opener in the halfway corner of the first half.

"It is not an error." (Penalty). "VAR is a problem because it does not exist in UEFA."

Despite a controversial call, the use of video referees will be considered a major success in the World Cup and will be featured in the Champions League next season.

However, Guardiola, who had not auditioned for last season's quarter-final against Liverpool, has asked to compete this season.

"The referee has got to be helped by the technique (it is not good to score), but he has won the competition against Liverpool last season because the referee has to be helped."

Sterling is kissing Kassai and the goalkeeper is chipping.

"I put the ball in the chip and I do not know what happened," said the English national team. "I did not feel contact. I hit the ball and apologized to the referee."

In a series of statements made by Germany's Der Spiegel, who attempted to circumvent UEFA's FFP (Financial Fair Play) regulations prior to the game, City recently made the news due to misinformation.

Whatever storm clouds are brewing in the city's conference rooms, they can not make any mistakes in the field as they qualify in the Manchester derby, scoring six times for the second time in four days on Sunday.

Jesus judges Shakhtar.

There was not enough atmosphere for the amazing game of the city which lost three times in the last three Champions League games.

In September, the most recent players against Lyon in front of the empty stadium in Etihad were the leaders of the city, defeating Shakhtar and Hoffenheim.

The fans in the Champions League were better than usual, but there was something to cheer when Silva beat Mahrez's cross.

Guardiola apologized for naming Gabriel Jesus as a penalty harpist when Algeria missed a goal in last week's 0-0 draw at Liverpool.

The Brazilian team kept Argentina ahead of schedule with Sergio Aguero leading the way on Sunday, but now Jesus may have raced over twice this season's record.

In the second half of the third minute, Sterling crouched in the seventh season.

Kasai was embarrassed by his early awards, but he made several more claims against the city penalty kick. But Silva fell for 18 minutes in time, and Jesus jumped into the net roof.

Mahrez made a 5 with a slight shot at the nearest post with his right leg weak before Jesus' chip had rounded the score at strike time.

Guardiola enjoyed the luxury of taking off from Kyle Walker, Fernando and Silva after 12 wins in 12 Premier League games.

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