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Team Sonic Racing Review – Well-tuned fan service for Sega's iconic hedgehogs | stratagem

teaHe has been liking cart racers for a long time, squeezing out extra cash for family friendly characters and game publishers. Since the example of Mario Kart came out, we saw Crash Team Racing and LittleBigPlanet Karting. I could forget Konami Crazy Racing on the Game Boy Color console, featuring Castlevania's Metal Gear Solid and Dracula's Gray Fox's super-variant version, which sounds good.

Following the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing title, Team Sonic Racing is the latest powerhouse for Sega's blue hedgehogs. Despite the vague quality of most games since the 1990s, they still use cassettes with players under 12 years old. Here the player forms a team of up to three racers and cooperates through a dazzlingly bright, dizzy, labyrinthine circuit.

Like in Mario Kart, tracks are scattered as weapon pickups, but players can send missiles or two more to a team member who needs them. Driving into your friend's slipstream will give you a speed boost, and you can push your car in when the car is spinning. Race is a test of group strategy as well as raw driving skills, and you will have a lot of fun watching the circuit, your rival operator and your team at the same time.

Story Mode puts the squad into the challenge of dozens of races, ring-gathering and goal-smashing. The circuit is not a graphic surprise, but it is filled with visual callbacks for classic moments, from pinball machines to casinos and diving whales. It is also full of shortcuts and alternative paths. Finding new ways to squeeze a few seconds from the best time is a rewarding challenge. The important thing is that for kids who want to keep playing for weeks, there is an online and time attack mode and a unlockable vehicle upgrade, so you can go back to the initial course and spend your time perfectly.

British developer Sumo Digital has created a lovable Sega sequel after the awesome OutRun 2 on Xbox, which is a fun part of fan services. Smooth vehicle handling ensures speed and fluidity even when hit by a missile. There are moments when it falls from 1 to 6 in 3 seconds unfairly, but that frustration is a comic-like platform hero looking for profitable side heroes as part of this genre. Just get in the mood.

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