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Tetris effect review


Whether grayscale is black and white Alexey Pajitnov's exquisite simple Tetris in bright colors of assaulted game boys or flat-screen TVs is almost hypnotic. When you stop playing your brain, you can not project those six shapes on the back of the eyelid, on the side of the building, or in the morning mirror while brushing your teeth. This is known as the Tetris effect, and while the player has experienced since the creation of Tetris, 2018 is a year of reality.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is a game developer who created his second half of a game that surrounds players in a similar way. Rez and Lumines are games where the visual stimulus of the game is a dynamic element of the game's foundations. It is indispensable and indispensable. Applying the same spirit to Tetris has made it a fantastic experience to bring exceptional modernity to a timeless classic.

The difference will disappear when playing Tetris games. The Tetris effect goes a step further by bringing the game to PSVR along with a generic 4K HDR presentation where the closure of the headset, player and controller is the only reality. Main tour mode – Stage collection tied in a set similar to a series of EPs – Attempting to remove lines from the stadium by matching shapes but combining short response times on the PSVR screen, connecting yourself to ever-changing video and music, The effect and experience of the head and body melodies provide yet one of the most compelling arguments for virtual reality.

If Tetris (the fourth line) was the largest block that could be removed from the classic game version, it would be better to use Octotris (8), Dodecatris (12), Decahexatris (16) Ultimatris. To do this, you must build a zone meter by erasing the normal line before entering the zone-locked zone state, and provide the opportunity to continue playing and return to normal before the meter expires. Presenting new goals to veterans adds a fantastic addition to the formula and gives new entrants the opportunity to try and reset in seconds.

Although part of the Tetris guidelines for a long time, purists could laugh at the ability to grab pieces as it was the first time seen in N64's The New Tetris, but have since become a de facto standard in regular Tetris games. It is ideal when the falling grain does not go anywhere, or when you save a killer straight block that drops instant Tetris. The advantage of resetting a dropped block is added to avoid mistakes that end with high scores at a crucial moment. You can make the game easier than ever before, but John and Hold feel perfectly in line with the aesthetics of the game and its accompanying outlook.

It's impossible to talk about Tetris effects without focusing on the soundtrack. You can be entertained, excited, walked, relaxed, punished, challenged, and nervous. There is no discomfort among many people, from the cool-air electronica to the dissonant lounge jazz, to the improvement of the trans impression. Mizuguchi's loyal Lumines followers are easy to fall into an interactive album he made together.

The Tetris effect is Tetris X Lumines according to all intents and purposes, and a regular luminescent player recognizes the collaboration of sounds and beats that accompany each spin or drop shape. In much the same way as Mizuguchi's previous puzzle masterpiece, his actions become part of an orchestration and add up his comments side by side with the ebb and flow of the game.

The Tetris effect can continually surprise your player with a snowball-like block, an intermediate level of surge that sets the pulse on each spin or fire with fresh snowy footsteps, You will come out from the breathtaking edge and find that your expectations of what Tetris is are completely dashed.

In addition to the major travel modes, there is a stupid amount of alternatives found in the Effects section. The player can choose the mode depending on the "effect" you are looking for. You can choose the mode you want: classic, focus or adventure. Something to chill out can choose Relax.

The classic Marathon mode erases the 150 lines and removes the focus meter, but retains the ability to hold blocks. During the adventure, try to erase the dark blocks in Purge mode or randomly run a marathon using a series of effects to throw a bag of mixed game types.

Once you've done each session a few times, the Relax section can look more attractive as a series of playlists and normal rules that keep everything in good and peaceful condition. It was fantastic to use all the other options, but still one more shot at a higher score, turning to a central travel experience. Whichever mode you play, you can see more than a rotating block when you close your eyes.

  • Stunning visual and aural
  • The new addition to the formula feels naturally.
  • Various modes and levels
  • VR returns to normal playback after impact
  • It is still basically a Tetris.

Others, like spiritual, transcendent, and good-hearted, offer a feeling of immersion and a sense of immersion. The Tetris effect is a game of the year and essential to the PlayStation VR.

Score: 10/10

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