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The duo's & # 39; racist & # 39; Instagram Taj & Meiji Video

Taj and May.
Image: Instagram
Durban – Two KwaZulu-Natal businessmen burned in Instagram's "racist" video and had a fun story of South African Indians.

When several followers asked their intentions, Mandy Gray and Tanya Stannisis removed the offensive video from the "Taj and Maj" Instagram account.

In the video, women use fake mustaches and talk about "typical Indian accents" in their daily lives.

Instagram's South African Desi explained the videos of Taj and Maj.

The manager of this page "imitated the most brutally aggressive of the Durban Indian community.

"The characters you created – Taj and Maj – are specially designed to speak with the tidy Durban Indian accent, complete with diaspora-specific slang.

"This crime is known worldwide as a black voice. When a white person intentionally imitates the accent of a community that was a victim of racism: yes – this includes South African Indians.

"I was shocked that Taj and Maj had a whole account dedicated to the desperate unfunny (and inaccurate) mocking of the Indians.

"I want to believe that two quirky businesswomen living in the heart of KZN can not create this character and are blatantly rude."

In response to The South African Desi, "Taj and Maj" said they read the Desi post and "took it in mind."

"We have a lot of Indian friends in Durban girls, it does not mean harassing or racing them, we love everything about Indians," he said.

They acknowledge that the video is aggressive and apologized for their actions.


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