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The leak tape of R Kelly and girlfriend Joycelyn Savage contradicts the past statement.

R. Kelly's audio seems to have caught the singer in a lie about mentoring her girlfriend Joycelyn Savage (Picture: Backgrid, CBS).

R Kelly can hear her tape mentoring her music career with her girlfriend Joycelyn Savage, claiming she has not developed a relationship with her because she is a noted singer.

R & B hit maker Robert Kelly recently told CBS 'Gayle King that one of his girlfriends, a barbarian, could not sing and that their relationship was not mentoring a musical career. said.

However, the leak record between the two seemed to be reversed, and according to The Blast, the voice of this audience was presented to the Federal investigator.

R Kelly said she did not mentor the barbarians. (Picture: Reuters)

A 52 – year – old child accused of being held hostage by a brutal barbarian hostage can talk about a song he called inspired by his song "Half On A Baby".

Savage (age 23), an adult from the Cole in 2015, asked Kelly if there were any similarities.

"I noticed all that," Kelly told her. "I love the song, I need some changes and some melody changes. I need doping."

Then the Savage seemed to make sure that they would work together soon saying "I want to be with you for that song."

R Kelly's girlfriend defended him in an interview with Gayle King (Picture: CBS)

The singer of Ignition Remix was arrested last month and charged with at least three minor children, four of whom were charged with raping 10 crimes.

In an interview with King, Kelly accused him of raising serious claims about him, accusing his parents of sexual abuse and hostages, and selling his daughter to him.

In an 80 – minute interview, R Kelly described women, including Barbarians and Azriel Clary, as his "girlfriend" and claimed to have started dating Clary when she turned 21 instead of 17.

R Kelly said: & # 39; They are my girlfriend, we have a relationship. It is real. I know there are five or six women in my life.

& # 39; I do not see. [whether they’re] Much younger than me, I just see the law. I do not know if you're married. One may be older than the other.

& # 39; I am a man who loves all women. & # 39;

"I am looking at her now, I am 21 years old," said R & B singer Clara.

Recalling that he had met a savage, R Kelly explained: "I did not find the Zoe God Savage, and I was doing my show. [Her father] She asked a friend to take her to the stage with R Kelly.

Kelly's interview with Gayle is now pretty much off his face. (Picture: CBS)

The barbarian also spoke with King and told parents that they were here to make money.

Kelly was recently imprisoned. It's about time he did not pay child support to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly, just a few hours after his infamous interview with King was broadcast on CBS News. The singer spent $ 310 million in delinquent payments in jail before paying in full.

In addition, he faces ten criminal charges against malicious sexual abuse of four women, three of whom were underage on suspicion of assault.

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He did not plead guilty earlier this year and was released after a friend posted $ 100,000 (£ 75k) of his $ 1 million (£ 755,000) bail.

The singer is scheduled to return to trial on March 22 for alleged sexual assault charges, denying any doubt about it. contacted R Kelly's representative and commented.

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