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The person who funded the party of the SA

SA's political parties have received donations in the form of money, goods and services for many years, including banks, corporations, individuals, foreign organizations, governments and political parties, and state-owned enterprises.

The non-profit My Vote Counts (MVC) has released a report that collects information about private funds from political parties through donations and other financial remittances.

In particular, private funding for political parties has attracted attention after the results of state surveys on how companies such as Bosasa have bought politically connected individuals and policing parties.

The MVC report details the donation lists provided in ANC, DA, EFF, IFP, and UDM.

The MVC helped inform the May 8th party of the donations made to the party that objected to the election with informative information.

MVC argued that although the report was written using publicly available information, it could not have all the information about the party's private funds.

At the top of the MVC's list of ANC donations are contributions from Bosasa (now African Global Operations).

Bosasa Chief Operating Officer Angelo Agrizzi conducted a survey of state colleges and universities to provide millions of bribes to politically connected individuals each month to secure bidders and to make significant contributions to the ANC and some leaders.

Other donors were billionaire Robert Gumede, Guptas and its group, and VBS Mutual Bank.

The Indian National Congress, the Communist Party of China and the Angolan People's Liberation Movement, were reportedly funded by some foreign political parties.

Companies such as Sanlam, Anglo American and MTN also contributed to the party.

DA's donors include Nathan Kirsch, a SA billion-dollar billionaire living in the UK. In an interview with the Business Times, Kirsch admitted that he had funded "marginal amounts" for DA and Agang, according to MVC.

The opposition party also received money from a colleague who was once associated with Gupta. In 2009, I met Stephen Nel, Director of Sahara Computers, owned by Gupta. At the meeting Nell confirmed that it would provide 200,000 rubles.

DA has also received money from MTN, Sanlam and Anglo American, like ANC.

These companies donated to several political parties represented in Congress.

The EFF, who ran for the first election in 2014, is said to have received money from Afrirent, who requested a bid in Johannesburg.

Also on the list of EFF donors were the VBS Mutual Bank, the cigarette smuggler Adriano Mazzotti and his co-directors Carnilinx and Kyle Phillips.

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