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Thomas Mapfumo is trapped in Zimbabwe.

Decorated Chimurenga musician Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo (73 years old) says he should postpone returning to Oregon, where he lived for nearly 15 years to pay his contracted band.

Mukanya said in December that the music promoter of the Peace Tour tricked him and said, "I wanted to work and postponed my return because I wanted to pay the contracted band.

"I was able to go back to the States before paying the arrears, but it was not morally right, I was not raised that way.

In an interview with Daily News, Mapfumo said he spent a long time to stick to Ubuntu's doctrine.

Mukanya, who has been in the US since her immoral peace trip in December, told the Daily News that Ubuntu is about sharing and feeling with others.

"We are Africans and we must always be friendly with our Ubuntu culture," says Mapfumo.

The Pamuromo Chete hit singer urged young people, especially upcoming musicians, to avoid moral degradation to live longer. "The problem for young people is that when they get popular and make a little money, coming to their minds quickly is to have many dangerous sexual partners.

"Young people should try to take good care of themselves until they reach my age, Ubuntu should lead."

He urged the Zimbabweans to refuse all forms of oppression to live longer.

"Personally, I can not keep silent when I know what I'm doing is wrong. We all need a good life, a life where everyone can have a foundation like shelter and food with others.

"If someone keeps silence when we infringe our freedom, we will be fated." Our rights are abused, and even by our leaders, we all have to cause and condemn abuse. "Young people, Especially young musicians should not kill themselves before they grow up, "Mapfumo said on July 3, 74 years old.

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