Tuesday , May 30 2023

Timra Banks, Iconic Song remixed with live-action Star 2,


Bright and shining, do not be shy. Be a star!

Life size, Lindsay Lohan experimented with the mausoleum, and finally the iconic 2000 movie that brought plastic toys into life finally got the long awaited sequel. Although Rohan has not been confirmed to appear, Tyra Banks is in the front and center of the sequel and is once again respected in her role as Barbie doll Eve.

The bank remixed to celebrate the event. Life-size We provide certified bop & # 39; Be A Star & # 39; as the latest update to appear in New Fear & # 39; s Eve. "We feel a bit of fun … it's a little trap music," Banks said. EW.

Most of the songs are largely devoid of original songs, but they keep the classics of 00 loved. In other words, bright and sparkling messages, brilliant chorus and brilliant messages, are not shy but instead stars.

"There is a lot of meaning behind this song," Banks said. It is not you who owns and excuses you. "

The new music video Life sizeIt's a symbolic "star" dance movement where Banks stands apart, lifts our souls up to the sky, lifts our souls, and elevates us to higher planes because we are all stars.

Banks also returns memorable hot pink cardigans, white crop saws and tanned fringes, but in true fashion doll style, the bank carries out fashion shows at fashion shows. Eve in town's shopping mall likes high fashion.

In the first movie, "Be A Star" was the theme song of Eve, which was featured on the doll's advertisement, and was also a practical Eve singing at a real party. Because when the doll is up and it is not appropriate to sing It is not known how great you are.

Life size 2 It is scheduled to show its debut in the United States on December 2. We do not say anything until we arrive in Australia, but wherever we are, wherever we are, we are stars.

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