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Users whose ratings have ended [season 8]

so, The Game Of Thrones Season 8 goes up and down we will never be the same. Last season has brought online debate. There was even a petition with more than one million signatures to sign again in the season.

I loved Season 8. Not what I expected, and maybe not even what I want. However, to replace the bran's words, all the remaining characters must be exact.

Above all, I am angry at all loose ends that are not tied, but perhaps these issues will be covered in the spin-off show. We live in hope.

Season 8

Oh, we're up to date. The show runners have many characters Battle of Winterpel, There are a few fans who still believe they are kind to us.

Most of my favorites made it. Personally I think Missandei's death is one of the most shocking. She and Gray Worm had plans to return to Nahath one day after all the wars were over.

Total deaths The Game Of Thrones It is staggering. The main character – RIP Ned and almost everyone – characters you can miss if you blink.

It goes without saying that there are thousands of add-ons used in major battles. Thousands of anonymous wildlife, warts and soldiers. We have compiled a list of the most famous character deaths from Season 1 to 7.

A notable death:

Notable season 8 killed

Edison ToleltNight Watch's brotherDuring the Winterfell battle, Wight stabbed in the back.
Lady Lyanna MormontWoman on Bare IslandI was severely wounded by the club while killing the giant.
Beric DondarrionBrotherhood without bannerNumerous weights were stabbed. Aria devoted his life to escape.
Night KingThe King of the UndeadIn the Winterfell battle Arya stabbed her chest.
Serrana MormontSon of Dany's best friend, Jeor MormontWights were stabbed several times while protecting Dany.
MelijandreRed Mrs.Winterfell died in old age after battle
ReggelDanny's DragonEuron Greyjoy shot with his huge crossbow Scorpion.
Mt.Dany's best friendBeheaded in the mountains following the orders of Cersei
Lord VarysDany's consultant, owner of a whisperDrogon was born under the orders of Daenerys for treason.
Eurolone Gray JoeyKing of Iron IslandsJamie Ranister stabbed me.
QyburnKeep the red 'Maester'Mountain-killed
Sandor GreganehoundI was sacrificed to kill the mountain.
Gregor KleganamountainThe hounds ran into the pits of fire.
HaimeriasterKingslayerCersei Lannister was buried under the wreckage at Red Keep while attempting to escape.
Cersei LannistrQueen of the seven kingdoms Jaime Lannister was buried under the wreckage at Red Keep while attempting to escape.
Deneris TargarienA dragon's motherJohn Snow died

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