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A new patch for Apex Legends fixes the crasheo problem on your PC.

Performance The legend of Apex In just two months in the market, it has been integrated into an important proposal in the Battle Royale genre. It is important to keep the update up-to-date to improve the title to ensure its status. Thanks to the most recent, the game solved the crasheo problem on the PC.

Through publications on reddit, community managers The legend of Apex, Jay Frechette reported that the update allows development teams to identify these problems on their PCs and find solutions.

To do this, whenever I have this type of error in the title, I've created a file called apex_crash.text in the My Documents folder, which gives me a clue as to why the developer has misbehaved. "The apex_crash.txt file we received from the players had a lot of information that we needed … we had never seen crasheo in our internal testing, but now we were able to reproduce the bug and discover and fix it." Frechette confirmed. He also noted that if the bug persists, the problem is related to changes in memory and shared links.

In addition, administrators have the opportunity to share with the community the next scheduled update and issues to address in the coming weeks.

  • Errors that reduce the number of frames per second are limited to 144, not 300. Developers are already working, so you can enjoy the battle royalties up to 300 FPS.
  • Crash recording problem; They are already doing internal testing.
  • Audio discrepancies. The athletes have written several reports and are preparing to respond to this defect next week.

How do I get this update? Are you a player? The legend of Apex On the console? Please send us your comments.

You can already select a new legend named Octane from the related information. The legend of Apex, It came with the battle pass of the season 1: Wild Border. On the sales side, Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale is a free game that collects the most money in the first month.

The legend of Apex Available on PCs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, you can find more information on this link.

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