Saturday , June 3 2023

Adecoagro and Vicentín are part of Sancor's business


04/11/2018 – SanCor approves the terms of the acquisition in the assembly
the offers offered by the Adecoagro agro-industry group
Vicentine company, and finally part of it
business. The operations include two industrial plants, three
brands and distribution centers. This is in the middle of the reorganization
economic and financial aspects. The co-operative
the formal steps started to define the ones already announced
Adecoagro has two plants, one located in Chivilcoy (Buenos Aires
Aires) and the other in Morteros (Córdoba) besides the brands
"The Three Girls" and "Angelita". The transaction is done by
a total of $ 45 million.
In this way, Adecoagro, who stopped your stay months ago
with the whole company, it will be the production itself
milk powder and cheese that develops in the Cordoba power plant
and liquid milk produced in Chivilcoy. He also remained
strengthened the 10% sales of assets in Refrigerated Food
S.A., pudding, yogurt and dessert business for the Vicentin family
Group, owner of Arsa.

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