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After the Cornejo bombardment, UCR's leaders announced plans by Mauricio Macri to go to PASO – 05/16/2019


Alfredo Cornejo Mauricio McGrill predicts defeat In the vote Cristina Kirchner. He repeated the bombs a few hours before the incident at a seafood restaurant in the Butser Aires region of Montserrat last Wednesday evening. He tried to justify the bombing of a bomb blast several hours ago, but he revived Cambio's tension.

"The intention is not to weaken it, but rather to help the government get stronger in elections, so we can lose it" UCR National Committee Chairman explained to party supporters who urged Parque Norte to plan a national convention on Monday.


Enrique "Coti" Nosiglia opened the doors of Plaza Mayo, and Mario Negri had already said goodbye to the radical meeting already cited by the party leader Wednesday night and concluded at dawn on Thursday. Photo Rolando Andrade

Offroad operator Enrique "Coti" Nosiglia nodded. While this is the current Mendoza governor's largest internal ally, Ernesto Sanz was a former minister without a portfolio, while Jujuy Governor, Gerardo Morales; Lieutenant Governor of Daniel Salvador; Party secretary, José Cano; Senators Luis Naidenoff and Angel Rozas, Deputy Mario Negri They exchanged silent eyes.. The blame was not long enough to confirm McLean could not be a candidate in a public interview in front of businessmen. María Eugenia Vidal or how someone else could replace it And if they add names to the federal PJ Cambiemos (worthy of duplication) change.

Alfredo Cornejo retired from a radical summit in a Spanish restaurant in Buenos Aires. Next to Mendoza officials and his right hand,

Alfredo Cornejo retired from a Spanish restaurant in Buenos Aires laughing at a radical summit next to Mendoza officials and his right hand "Peti" Lobardi. Photo: Rolando Andrade

Diplomatically, – Marcos Peña, the closest employee in the group, led the proposal. Tucumano believes that Cornejo has shown admiration. Other diners, surprisingly, even the most critical of government officials, Chaqueño Rozas, reminded Angeloz of the incident. Among the many claims to Raúl Alfonsín, when he was a successful candidate, he eventually weakened management in 1989..

Cornejo between shrimp with garlic and garlic 4 points He is the leader of the National Council Conventional 347 You must define whether the UCR remains in the changed state.

# Expansion of the coalition into the entry of the Republican Peronist sector.

# Activate PASO to define presidential formulas.

# Programmatic agreement signed by all members of the election coalition on the basis of economic growth and development projects.

# Commitment for greater participation of radicalism in future electoral coalition governments.

According to the pickup Clarin The chance of this proposal of desserts from some summit attendees reached the principle. An exceptionally large number first – the electorate agreement with the Federal Peronists Roberto Rabagna o Sergio Massa– Compliance will not be possible. if so, Despite certain conditions, we will check Cambiemos continuity.

Ernesto Sanz, who returned to the UCR's first league, retires early Thursday of supporters' dinner at the market square. Photo: Rolando Andrade.

Ernesto Sanz, who returned to the UCR's first league, retires early Thursday of supporters' dinner at the market square. Photo: Rolando Andrade.

Therefore, the second discussion. It will be the central axis of discussion at Cambiemos' table. They imagined a few things. But before the fight, radicalism will be an internal discussion of the convenience of presenting its formula to compete in the primary elections for Macri.

"The only person who can Bring other fields or include your own. Those who are upset Martin Rusto"Said a North Korean lawmaker, including Kirchner Economy Minister and Deputy Director of Radical Evolution. It was unclear. About the fate of his election. But the ball is next to him. Although Cornejo still maintains His vanity in mystery, Appointed as President or Vice Presidential candidate in October.

The Home Secretary himself Rogelio Frigerio, In a Wednesday night television interview, macrismo provided Cambiemos' primary election to UCR and analyzed the possibility that Macri could provide the pleasure of competing with other candidates. October

The auction of the proposal that the delegate intends to impose on the Convention through the delegation shall be A notable committee (Cornejo, Morales, Nosiglia and others) PRO and grant negotiations Commissioned by the National CommitteeTo finish describing the party location before June 12 The election alliance registration expires.

In the legal guidelines of this proposal, the legal representative of radicalism is working hard. Mariano Genovesi It has already enacted a resolution in the Gualeguaychú in 2015 and in La Plata in 2017, where the agreement was signed with Maclosmo and the Civic Coalition.


Although there are differences of opinion with the government, the group agreed to brake on the uncontrollable sectors they are leading. Ricardo Alfonsin and Federico StraniWho would like to agree on the progressive chapter (socialism and GEN) in the minority group and argue for a proposal to run for the presidential election in Lavagna,

But the ideas of Buenos Aires announced at UCR Rebuttal The primary indication for Cambiemos' candidates in a negotiated agreement with Lambagna will be digestion. "Can be Macri or Vidal", lThe former spoke in an implicit tone to Clarin. This area is close to Nosiglia and Lousteau.

There was a table together. Self-criticism of the party sector in Cordoba Negri and Ramón Mestre were on the verge of breaking the gap with Juan Schiaretti. And the pink stick that encouraged that split. Negri, the only protagonist, wanted to avoid the controversy. Local RCU wounds are still fresh.

Around 2 pm on ThursdayThe UCR leaders said goodbye and said that at that point Malbek did not fall into the cup.


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