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Almost victory! Your friend's picture will appear in WhatsApp.


November 10, 2018

Argentines' most-anticipated emoticons for the application are already in trial. I know what is missing.

Emoji Mate

I was a step further Emoticon Mat Which is close to reality. WhatsApp. Even some users can install it right away. Evaluation Last update of Windows 10, 18277.

Already in the company Modifications that the operating system receives With this new update. This includes bars that turn off notifications or manage brightness when watching or studying movies. I do not care.

Also, platform We released version 12 design. Emoji, Now available in the panel. emoticon It also has a touch keyboard. You can change the drawing, but the final option will depend on the final version that Unicode will release in 2019.

It is worth clarifying. Besides a friendThere are other interesting things about this new emoji. Wheelchairs, yawning faces, guide dogs and guide dogs for the blind, even snorkel. If there is anything that can synthesize excellent drinks from Argentina, Uruguay and Uruguay Antoine Gretzmann, A crack in the French team.

Emojis Mate

The final integration of the emoticons was made in June this year with very useful things like kangaroos and skinheads. When does a friend officially arrive? It is expected. To be confirmed in January 2019 It will be announced in March. As we watched the bitter taste, we crossed our fingers.

With more than 120 million registered users worldwide, WhatsApp It is currently the most popular and successful instant messaging application in the world.

Not only in our country, but also in other parts of the world, A fundamental tool in the workplace More and more seasonings between friends and family.

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