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Anti-corruption, but not the government | Complaints …

Laura Alonso, chief of the Corruption and Public Affairs Office, told the incumbent officers that she would be charged with crimes for alleged violations of public officials' duties and misdemeanors, and that her office did not appear in the case. A pro official said he does not blame himself without saying he does not. However, it is presented in case of prior government bureaucrats. As they tried to clarify their words, opposition leaders' inquiries and demands for resignation became fierce.

This statement is presented separately by the attorney Gabriela Cerruti and lawyers Gregorio Dalbón and Maximiliano Rusconi. Some lawyers have warned that Alonso's argument can be regarded as a criterion in any case, as opposed to the function that must be accomplished and if it does not appear at all. Rather, Alonso announced an arbitration on the case of former civil servant Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.


The first scandal surrounding Alonso was his appointment, when President Mauricio McKeely changed the terms of entry to the OA because Alonso was not a lawyer. In the cynicism of the president, he admitted, "I can love him and defend him when McCo launches the baton for a woman who does not believe he does not like to be praised even if he tells me what good ass he is." I had the first big scandal for the Panamanian thesis. As soon as the document linking Macri and the two offshores was made public, Alonso set out to defend him on Twitter without seeing a single document before. "It does not constitute any crime by itself," proclaimed the PRO leader and received the first of many polls of criticism and resignation requests.

Yesterday they answered when they met their words in a journalist program close to the government. Alonso said before he asked about what he did on charges of corruption related to the current government bureaucracy, he said, "We donated information in many cases." However, he sought justification for not fulfilling his obligations. "For now, we have received individual criticism of bias and bias, and personal criticism of our lack of human resources for a long time," he admitted. "I accuse them of being secretive about the cause and testifying to corruption, and the prosecution and the judge draw them forward, and it is the decision to remove the suspicion or suspicion about the achievements that we can have for the current government officials "

Alonso acknowledged three facts: 1) he did not intentionally present the case, 2) he accused him of covering up if he intervened, and 3) that he omits the resources to complain to former officials by omission. I did.

The latter makes it public. Just three examples of Alonso's tweets: "The anti-corruption bureau rejected Cristina Kirchner's defense argument in the Rossos case." "After some delinquency, the trial against De Vido and Jaime began on April 29 with the anticorruption office to purchase a scrap car, which serves as plaintiff. Anti-corruption agency calls for resumption of illegal enrichment of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner did.

Alonso came out to clarify what he said when controversy began to arise around his brother. "All lies and lies.OA devices have begun investigations and have been criticized by incumbent officials and made a significant contribution to legal litigation.But they like to comment on cut-off explanations and not see the data.It is because they lie, cheat and confuse It's the way. "The newspaper tried to know more about Alonso's" significant contribution "but could not answer.


Gabriela Cerruti, deputy director of Alonso, said that "we are complaining about the abuse of authority and the failure of government officials to comply with obligations." We must stop the madness of ruling in an anti-corruption hearing. "" Laura Alonso himself, Even if he does not complain, his political decision is to promote testimony to officials of other administrations, "Cerruti warned. "When the crime against the administration is discovered, the core of the anti-corruption office is truly disgruntled. How does the nation benefit from the love of the president in this important field?" He asked.

In Cerruti's accusation that the newspaper is accessible, the attorney reminds that OA should appear when there is damage to the hereditary property of the state, and "concealment" that Alonso is not sued is "institutional , Is a valid reason to skip the economic or social impact analysis. " Similarly, Dalbón and Rusconi argued that they would complain. In the case of Dalbón, it is also used as cover.

Meanwhile, the secretary continued to drop to professional management. Senator Pino Solanas said, "An excuse to justify that Laura Alonso does not investigate the causes of corruption related to Macri, his officials and friends is the level at which the government is punished. "He said. "Laura Alonso is unqualified and lacks impartiality in positions," said Martín Doñate, acting attorney.

La Pampa Gustavo Arballo, a professor of law at the University of La Pampa, said, "The controversy of Laura Alonso is the querellás of all causes or the problem of all querellás." Lawyer Roberto Carlés said, "Alonso acknowledges that the anti-corruption office, which is directly responsible for it, does not participate in the case against the current government because he can not dispute the bias against bias. Do not. "

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