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Avengers Theory and the Future of the Infiniti War

The Avengers Theory 4 | Avengers: Infinity War (2018) left all Marvel fans with "bad taste". Half of the franchise's superhero disappeared with the power of Thanos and infinite jewels, but they had to hold their fingers. In the final scene of the movie, this horrible event at the Marble Cinema Universe (MCU) was caused.

There are now a number of theories explaining the "dead" of this space equipment as well as a clear path for the future production of Marvel Studios, which has been produced through forums such as Reddit and Internet pages since 2019. Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk.

If any of these theories are correct, there will be a spoiler available later in this article. They warn you in case you get warned that you do not want to read the information you do not want to read beforehand, or if you want to keep a possible answer to the question about how the MCU phase 3 is going to end.

Avengers - Infinity - War - Death - 0

The only certain thing right now is that some characters can continue to watch movies like the Spider-Man: Far From Home or the guardians of Galaxy Vol.3. Remind the hero that he belonged to a group of "Death". The fact that these movies are being produced gives us clues about what will happen in Avengers 4.

In this article, we gather the best theories fans have written and why they believe in fans. Some of them are compatible with each other or complement each other. For the same reason, heroes such as Spider-Man and Strange will be regarded as "disappearing" from the face of the earth instead of "dying" as many claim.

Some theories are more likely than other theories that have been denied or even abandoned as very absurd, as Loki said was alive and posing with Bruce Banner. The questionable part is the director's leak or statement. They are the same as those who edited the Hulk's final trailer in its original form in the battle of Wakanda, but have not seen it in Iron-Man costume.

Needless to say, here are the most popular theories of Avengers 4:

1. Time travel and heaven

Recently a new pair of toys made by Hasbro leaked under Marvel's permission and a new costume to be worn by Rocket Raccoon and Thor was released. This gave more power to one of the most commented theories of Avengers 4: the journey of time and its relationship with the Quantum Kingdom.

In the ant movie, a mysterious alternative space called the Quantum Kingdom appeared. This is the only place accessible through extreme shrinkage beyond the atomic size. Hank Pym defined it as a dimension where time and space are pointless.

The latest Ant-Man and Wasp tapes feature Scott Lang's reduced size to trap some particles trapped in the Quantum Realm. His team has disappeared under the snaps of Thanos and can not go back to the real world anymore.

Ant men

As I mentioned earlier, the costumes we saw in filtering Thor and Rocket's action figures are very similar to those used by Hank Pym to investigate the Quantum Kingdom.

This combined with the filtered photos of the recording set of Avengers 4, the same scene creates the theory of travel from the first film of Avengers to the most likely time that the battle of New York in 2012 is expected to appear. Moment

2. Promotion of doctor consultation

Aperture 4: Character identified at the end of Phase 3 of the MCU

There was a lot of talk about the last thing that Dr. Strange said before he disappeared. "It was the only way …". Chief Justice, mystic artist has had time to review over 14 million alternative gifts to win Thanos. Among them, only one Avenger was the winner of the meeting.

The reason he delivered Time Gem to Thanos to save Tony Stark was an integral part of his maximum plan to defeat him. Some fans believe that Dr. Strange will have his sleeve as an ace by allowing the mad Titan to have all the Infiniti Gems. What plan are you?

3. Jewel of the Soul

Another of the forums' popular theories is centered around the Gem of Infinity. The Gem of Time can travel for as long as possible, but fans say the key to Avengers 4 is the gem of the soul. Because it is the most difficult to achieve (the death of the beloved was necessary) and last used to disappear from the center of the universe.

According to the first great theory, the missing hero is not dead but is trapped in the jewel of the same soul. This is backed by Marvel comics. Soulworld is in this powerful stone, and only a few souls have been able to escape. Gamora and Adam Warlock wait until they debut on the MCU.

Here are separate theories of heroes being released from this prison to keep their legacy in the Marvel cinematic universe.

4. Captain Marvel on behalf of the Tarpos

Captain Wonder

Anthony and Joe Russo have confirmed that Captain Marvel is the strongest person in the Marvel universe and many have pointed out that she will be the key to defeating Tanos. But it remains to be seen whether he will be using another merciless force or another more complicated way to defeat him.

Opinion is divided now. The first group thinks Captain Marvel will unite with the rest of the heroes at the end of the Avengers: Infinity War, and they will move the Gauntlet to Titan to cancel the previous movie's actions.

Another group thinks that she will be the one who will release the avengers trapped in the gems of the soul, and they will all defeat Tanos together. Several comments on Reddit point out that she knows the history of her leader Russo and will make Captain Marvel's film disappear with a snap of Thanos, and this latter theory points out that she is more likely to release all the heroes who are trapped inside . Jewel of the Soul

5. Conical base / slack

Marvel Studios

The Avengers: At the end of the Infiniti War, many fans pointed out that Avengers was originally a survivor of the crack in Tanos, not the new superhero that premiered the solo film of the year. Black panther.

Considering that Chris Evans has already said goodbye to his role as Captain America and has been representing Robert Downey Jr. for more than a decade, they have sacrificed themselves, A new era of superheroes in phase 4 of the amazing Cinematic universe, returning to the companion by exchanging.

Many people now agree that the Avengers 4 will surely bring death, and those who died in the last battle will never return, although they do not know if they will all be sacrificed for greater wealth, or some of them. It will be a matter of time to discover whether this theory is realized.

6. Infinite auxiliary consonant

One group of fans pointed out that Steve Rogers or Tony Stark would use the power of Infiniti gauntlets to overturn the work of the Avengers (Infinity War). To do this, they use a different Gauntlet and defeat Thanos' Infinity Gems in combat.

If we remember, the original gloves were extremely damaged after Tanos' request, so the emergence of a second device capable of storing infinite jewels would not be unreasonable.

But because human beings are Tony and Steve, the omnipotent powers of jewelry could cause them to try to make them completely crazy or worse, eliminate it from existence forever. Is this really the end of Captain America?

7. Nibbles steals menthol from INFINITE to THANOS.

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