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Before she died, she hid something touching her daughter's shoes. | Chronicle

Emma Letts plans to marry her fiance in August. (Facebook)

Emarez A 38 – year – old Englishman was engaged to his boyfriend. Richard She was very happy, but her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and her happiness stopped after a month.

They gave him a year or two of life, and the couple planned marriage in August 2019, hoping that their mother could be there. Unfortunately, my mother died and was not married, but I could attend in a different way.

Emma and Richard worked in December 2016, and expect their mother to attend the wedding this summer. Tragically, she died in 2017. (Facebook)

When Emma picked up her custom shoes on a big day, she was overwhelmed to find a secret message. Her mother prepared a secret note in her shoes. "I wanted you to give me a present at the wedding. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you. ".

The beautiful message is engraved on the shoe soles that Emma's mother presented to her. (Facebook)

"I hope you send me a magic day. Many love and big hugs, mom xxxx."

Emma admitted that the wedding was difficult to plan without her mother, she told the BBC that she cried a lot. She also mentioned that her mother organized what she did, and that her fiance had no idea that she knew the secret and helped her.

Her boyfriend said Emma's mother contacted him. "My mom told me that she had cancer and she would not be there on Emma's wedding day.He told me in the first message that she sent me.His mother emailed me that she wanted to pay for the shoes. She said to me: "Can I pay for everything and can I get my money back when I get my shoes?" # 39;"

"I did not know my boyfriend.It was an absolute shock.I pulled out the shoes and saw some of the messages,He explained. "I started to cry. I was absolutely carved. I could not breathe, I could not say."He said.

Emma argued that it was difficult to prepare for her marriage without her mother. "It was too difficult to plan a wedding without me, and I had a lot of tears."He was sad.

He shared his story on Facebook and became viral quickly. Amanda WiseHe runs the shoe store Lace and Love and said it was a great honor to be present. "It's probably the most emotional shoe we've ever made. I wish I could give her a little help on that day. It 's like walking through a path with your mother."He stressed.

Shoemaker Amanda Weise said bespoke shoes were the most touching shoes she made. (Facebook)

"I knew there was an end of illness at that time, I think Emma would be at the wedding, and I think about the message he wrote, I intended it after he left."He finished.

Emma's mom brought shoes as a wedding gift. (Facebook)

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