Wednesday , March 29 2023

Boca Rivers: What would you do if you traveled from Japan to Argentina?


Likewise, fans of "Xeneize" are divided into tension, anxiety, expectation, and so on. "We have a lot of nerve, but we are sure that we will win the cup, we will have good results tomorrow, and we will be back in the 24th river," said Efe Mariano Cárpena. , 43 years old.

Despite the nerve, Cárpena said he saw the team "good". "I think that when I finish the group stage, my level is going up, I'm getting stronger, I can get good results, I have good strength, I think there are two good teams, but I hope to be back." .

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Cárpena is one of almost 50,000 lucky stars who can see the first bridge in the stadium.. Another is Alexis Fortoman (age 27), who was convinced that Efe was a "privilege" to attend this historic meeting. "There is a very limited quota, and we will be among the only people in the world who are likely to be here," he said. "I am anxious as a fan of Boca, expecting the finals all week, and we live with the tension between people, friends and partners, everything is alive with passion," he said.

Luz Álvarez Aguilera, 50, was also able to encourage her ticket. Boca Juniors in Bochum Nera this Saturday. She claims to be accustomed to Boca to make a decisive moment, but nevertheless, she knows that this will be a special final, so if you go above the pitch, the player will have a "unique" surprise reception. "We show many times that we are the best fans, so we have more than half of it, we have everything we need to encourage, tomorrow we play 50 to 70 percent of the finals on our court, I will play it, "he said.

Unlike them, Claudio Carlino, 51, can not be in Spring bonera. So he decided to go to the club today to "support" the team. "The old times lived with worry, and with nerves and desires, I want to hit the river at once," he said. There is no doubt that Boca will be an American champion. Another supporter of this week's visit to La Bobonera was Ángeles Agüero. The young woman said the SuperClassico was the most anticipated person on every Boca River. "Everyone is paralyzed in super-class, we want to win, we have a lot of confidence because the team looks pretty good, we trust the team and we want to win," he added.

Both parties are recycled only by local residents. For the sake of both club presidents' decisions and for safety reasons, clubs have claimed that they should reduce the capacity of both arenas for local fans.

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