Thursday , August 5 2021

Brain activity that has been found to predict pain-related fears

The Neuroscientific approach can help to harmonize self-reported emotions and neural bases.

The researchers applied a machine learning technique that could potentially translate the activity patterns of the brain area treating fear into questionnaire scores used to assess the patient's fear of pain. This neuroscientific approach ElectronicSelf-reporting can help harmonize emotions and neural bases.

Pain-related fears are generally assessed as a variety of questionnaires (often used interchangeably) asking patients how they feel about clinical pain. However, it is unclear to what extent this self-report measures fear and anxiety, which is known to include the brain area and other psychological structures.

Petra Schweinhardts researcher Michael Meier and a fellow researcher at Volgist University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, have solved this ambiguity when looking at the brain of back pain patients. backwards. Participants' brain activities predicted their scores on various questionnaires. What is important is that different questionnaires are associated with distinct neural activity patterns. These results suggest that similar surveys can measure different emotional states.

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