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Carlos Stornelli federal prosecutors filed part of the notebook case for oral and public trial.

Carlos Stornelli, a federal prosecutor, announced on Tuesday a partial notice to refer the cause of the notebook to an oral trial, according to driver Oscar Centeno's comments in August. The rain of businessmen and former officials of the talks fell. It has risen to oral and public trials waving the political and economic world.

In the letter on page 678, Stornelli and prosecutor Carlos Rvolvolo, who demanded the last indictment of Claudio Bonadio for the offspring of the judge, were asked to go to trial as the head of an illegal association. Past presidents of former President Cristina Kirchner and the band's organizer, Julio De Vido, former Roberto Baratta, Argentine Construction Commissioner Carlos Wagner, Ernesto Clarens.

José López, a former civil servant secretary, was charged with repenting illegal enrichment. The prosecutor regarded him as a member even though the federal court regarded him as the organizer at the time of the prosecution.

"Lopez, former government official) Rafael Llorens, Jose María Olazagasti, Claudio Uberti, Nelson Lazarte, (driver) Centeno, (Electroengineering businessmen) Gerardo Ferreyra, Germán Nivello (former director of Yaciretá) Oscar Thomas An organizer with more knowledge of other activities, especially when organizing parts of an organization, said, "He was positive.

The attorney pointed out. Aggressive bribe Juan Carlos, Arjen Roserson, Nestor Otero, Juan Lacquo Alin, Alberto Tachelli, Aldo Rosio, Alejandro Ibashine Beach, Raul Berthua, Benjamin Romero, Jorge Valen, Hugo Dragonthi, Lugo Aranda, Carlos Muntin , Miguel Angel Marconi, and Claudio Glazman.

Receiving money (passive bribery) Juan Manuel Abal Medina, former Hugo Larraburu advisor, for a trial. Hernán Gómez, Fabián Ramón and former officials of Walter Fagyas, along with remanero Hernán del Río.

"In this free and voluntary agreement, the two parties benefited: the businessmen gained favor from the state, and through payment the members of the affiliated organizations strengthened and guaranteed the continuity of the rich associations.", He had the view he agreed to. Infobae.

Stornelli left Techinst's businessmen Luis Betnaza and Héctor Zabaleta in this section, and the latter regretted himself at the time of his arrest. As explained, the public ministry encouraged the work of Paolo Rocca to deepen what happened in Venezuela, as the Federal Senate said. According to judicial sources, such a situation is on hold later. Techint's entrepreneurs said they "paid a bribe to protect the physical integrity and repatriation of the group and its family of more than 200 employees in Venezuela who lived in a threatening context in the nationalization and hostile transfer process of the regime. Vista "

Stornelli was not even asked to bring Aldo Padoan and Manuel Santos Uribelarrea to trial. And then consider the situation of Juan Chediack (when the road mining rights issue is reviewed), which later repents the case and is charged in that part of the investigation.

Finally, Néstor and Cristina Kirchner Former secretaries of Fabián Gutiérrez and Daniel Alvarez were asked to be tried for hiding. And to possess weapons in Fagyas, Otero and Copetti – were found during raids.

band. "The illegal alliance that occurred between 2003 and 2015 had the purpose of organizing an illegal fund collection system to enrich themselves and use some of the funds to commit other financial plans," he said. Prosecutors "In order to achieve this objective, leaders and organizers of this parastatal structure have primarily planned other benefits related to money laundering and its relationship development focused on awarding and adjudicating public works and / or services to achieve this purpose I used another official vehicle assigned to the state agency used in the diagram circuitry to raise the money provided by the private enterprise.

business According to the public official's view, "officials and / or secretaries and / or co-workers with equal powers are responsible for carrying out each intended route to address the headquarters of the headquarters. "All these events have a functional ability to legally affect the bidding, so they have their own reasons for the income earned by the entrepreneur through promises promised by government representatives. And / or businessmen were waiting. "The comment was" Oscar Centeno wrote in his article that there was a lot of dealings with civil servants and business people who led and organized the group. "In fact, Daniel Muñoz, The speech of former President Néstor Kirchner repeatedly stood as a common denominator between 2008 and 2010, al Receive money from illegal collection mechanisms created by Executive Power. Uruguay 1306 and Olivos 5th in the city. "

Band members. The prosecution said, "Through the evidence we have collected, we have been able to find evidence that Cristina Elisabet Fernandez, Julio Miguel De Vido, Roberto Baratta, José Francisco Lopez, Carlos Guillermo Enrique Wagner, Ernesto Clarens, Nelson Javier Lazarte, Rafael Enrique Llorens, José María Olazagasti, Claudio Uberti, Oscar Bernardo Centeno, Gerardo Luis Ferreyra, German Ariel Nivello, and Oscar Alfredo Thomas intervened at least between May 2003 and May 2003. November 2015 ". "The purpose was to organize a fundraising system to illegally enrich oneself and receive illegal funds to use some of the funds for the delegation of other crimes, all of which take advantage of its status as a civil servant did" .

"boss". In this respect, the prosecutor explains the role of the former president. He presented 40 bribe facts. "An illegal alliance was nominated by Néstor Carlos Kirchner, who declared that the criminal proceedings against death had been abolished and, consequently, the dismissal, and during the 25th President of the Republic of Argentina Cristina Elisabet Fernández (Cristina Elisabet Fernández) was held from May 2003 to December 9, 2007, from December 10, 2007 to December 9, 2015. The organization is composed of the nation's top executives "The letter explained that the string" passive bribe "attributed to the current candidates of all" vice presidents "was taken for granted.

Organizer There, the prosecutor deployed De Vido and Baratta as well as Bonadio's earlier indictment in September, and included Carlos Guillermo Enrique Wagner (chairman of the Chamber of Construction) from 2004 to 2012. , ESUCO SA Chairman of the Board, Treasurer, Ernesto Clarens. Each of the occupied positions acted in accordance with their establishment and order and was responsible for the creation of a dedicated collection.

bribe. "If the amount paid by businessmen to unlawful members proved to have been created with the intention of obtaining the exchange price, they simply maintained their position" from the beginning. And it added, "None of the money that is credited to the present is done free of charge by the simple royalties and duties of the officials."

"Individuals and representatives of parastatal organizations have concluded definite agreements in which the latter have the ability to exercise specific and decisive measures in relation to administrative procedures and contracts," he said. Centeno represents a reporter who displays detailed amounts and coins in the annotation, and in other cases provides details. "Both sides agreed to voluntarily agree to an agreement that they would negotiate voluntarily and bring about mutual economic benefits.

After a partial promotion by Attorney General Stornelli, complaints from the Corruption and Fraud Office and Financial Information Department are expected to be announced. It will then be the counsel's turn to decide what the investigation is over and what it requires. Judge Claudio Bonadio formalizes the transfer of this case to the Oral Court.

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