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Cesar Milani has sheltered in a legitimate obedience in an illegal repression trial – 05/17/2019

César Milani, a former military officer in military uniform, said yesterday, We are commanded through the operations manager. In 1977 La Rioja worked with company executives during his second sojourn at the local coalition. He did not ask for protection of the laws and protections of old obedience – but was withdrawn by the impulse of former President Néstor Kirchner – He was ordered by his boss., After abducting and torturing political activists.

In his own language, which he personally requested, not videoconferencing at Campo de Mayo, he had to deny the cry of his mother "the traitor" of La Rioja's Plaza Mayo, I read a touching letter from Hebe de Bonafini. Attend the trial.

He refuted and remembers coming from a Peronist family, confirming that he was the service director of his company in the first act he was blamed for. "I could not do that because I left this service early in the morning," he added.


"Will Lieutenant Milani be able to accommodate the detainees because the prison inmates have happened to me to the local police officer, the National Police Department? Clearly impossible."Milani has been added.

In his accountability for his office, he said, He was Colonel. The military commander of the dictatorship appointed him. "Nobody can deny it, The general knew the head of the area was going to happen.", In connection with the events of the State Terror, but including him" subordinates " "No" means "I know".

"We were as victims as Olivera, we were in the barracks running through the barracks, the rest (in connection with the kidnapped procedures). The patriarchs, the most trusted and hierarchical officers, the specific groups of people starting with intelligence agencies"Milani appealed to the concept of obedience.

At this point, he said, "In some military installations some chiefs could intervene in the Lieutenant, but in the case of the La Rioja Battalion, "That did not happen."

Roberto Catalan and Alfredo Santa Croce, Luis Esterella, Carlos Rodriguez Alcantara, El Berco Koega, Carlos Moline, Miguel Chiarello, Domingo Vera, Jose Bernauus, Cecilina Mercado and Angels define the defendants' responsibilities. It seemed like. Pezzetta and Nicolas Tejada.

In his speech, a former Army inmate said "political opportunism", accusing him of crimes against humanity, pointing out that "I would not be sitting here unless he had said yes to Christina (Fernandez) There is nothing that was held or detained, "he recalled.

Millanie said Pedro Olivera and his son Ramón Olivera were allegedly involved in kidnapping and torture suffered as a key witness to the Ziayi case in protest against the case. Impossible ". judgment.

"I've never been tortured, kidnapped, or murdered in my life." He defended herself.

At the moment of his long speech He was almost speechless and broke. When referring to the victims of the dictatorship. Milani said: "I have deep respect for all the victims." And silent. He kept silent as he was sorry. He added, "We are concerned about the military government."


"I mentioned one of the people who complained about the missing torture and suffering, I want to express solidarity to the Olivella family." But he said clearly: "All the suffering of the Olivera family ends in the place where the Milani clan is suffering."

He emphasized his family's perennial combat power in Cordoba and concluded: "When I entered the army, I believed that soldiers could transform the army to make the elite more visible, and support for the ambiguous attitude towards the masses and the public" argued for support for Kirchner.

In this oral trial in a federal court in La Rioja, Milani tried with 12 other people accused of kidnapping and torturing Pedro Olivera (now dead) and his son Ramón in March 1977 .

At the time of the episode he was indicted at this trial, Milani As the second lieutenant of Batallón 141 in La Rioja, After participating in the kidnapping operation, he is accused of suffering Olivera. In this case, Milani Illegal deprivation of liberty, illegal search, weighted torture and the imposition of illegal associations.

Yesterday in her scenic defense, Milani said she did not commit any crime and was ordered. He did not cite the law of obedience and complete stoppage but appealed to his concept. yet Your position crashes. Former President Néstor Kirchner called on former President Raúl Alfonsín to abolish legitimate obedience and final exemption by two uprisings against the Karapin Tadah.


The idea of ​​Kirchner was when we embraced the cause of human rights in 2003. The low level of the armed forces did not rely on these pardons and was also tried.. The abolishment brought about a new lawsuit like Milani in La Rioja. Although Milani was the second lieutenant at the time, it was also true that during the dictatorship, the military organization decided to specialize in intelligence, knowing it was the brain of illegal operations.

At the trial of La Rioja, Claudio Avruj, national human rights minister, yesterday accused Milani of being 77 and 79 years old and blaming Nevermore Rioja for 84 years "Under Kirchner's human rights policy and the organization's umbrella, he had an upward career until he became head of the army". Former US Defense Secretary Milanai has named the commander after he has served as commander of the weapons. And he received direct support from Cristina Kirchner. Kirchenrism was promoted from General to Major in 2015 through CELS.


At a hearing in the capital city of Rio de Janeiro, a relative of Alberto Agapito Ledo soldier, who disappeared in Tucuman in 1976, attended and is being tried at the Milani. For these other crimes against humanity, retired generals will receive a second oral and public trial, Next in Tucumán is scheduled for September 12th. A third party will be added to these two procedures this year, which is an allegedly unlawful enrichment and has been orally released to public, but has not yet been assigned a start date.

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