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Cubero knocked Zarate down, treated him as an ungrateful and "he does not give his head"

Fabián Cubero, who mentions Vélez, is one of Mauro Zárate's many former partners and became very angry after winning the Super League Cup. Boca Striker only The fort was not a big team., Many of them went out. El Poroto missed the opportunity to mention the topic. And it was hard: "I am hurt and there are things I do not need." Mauro is one of the best players in Argentine football. But I do not give my hair."

"Mauro is a quirky boy, and he has always had the opportunity to open the door and go back to the club. His family is very much identified with the club and hurts because he is not doing well. Ungrateful, rude. His pride is so great that he can not forget his past. And the fan is sick. "Cubero added. Fox Sports.

"He was always selfish.. I tried to help him and advised him when he went up to Primera. But after he does, I do not want to tell him at all. "He continued.

He was very upset, and the player of Beresa even questioned the contribution of Zadar Alportin. "At that time, people idolized more than they gave themselves." When the striker decided to go to Xeneize he closed: "I did not share it, but everyone has an idea. I can not judge someone for personal reasons, but I would not have done it. The smoke was sold too much.. I can not leave when I say that it is in Vélez that I play in the only club. If I do, I will not say. "

They want to declare Zarate "persona no grata".

Vélez Fan Group I sent a formal letter. He instructed the directors of the institution of Linata to declare Zárate as "person non grata".

"We think that Vélez can not remain passionate in front of those who publicly criticize the institution, even if he was born in his quarry, He was offered everything. Read in one of the letters signed by several presidents of different partner groups to "develop professionally and economically."

Incoming letter from Liniers club (source: network).
Incoming letter from Liniers club (source: network).

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