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Desperate request to help Luisito at Cuestin de Peso: we will die.

After death Carlos Vicente Shinpoli (31 years old), Weight problem, Other previous members program He is having a bad time. Luisito de Las Parejas is Luis Zerda. According to the transcendent, he is now in a subtle state of health.

The person responsible for verifying that information was Gastn Villagra, El Retutu, a companion during the health cycle broadcast by El Trece. El Trece occasionally met at the last day's meeting. "I believe in a lot of destinations and destinations. I wanted to cross an old acquaintance that despite my clash with Luisito I regarded him as a friend and today my friend was wrong.

"I need help, but I need a lot of help today because I found myself in a very abandoned situation related to my illness," he said. "Our disease is obesity and I do not want to know that he has thousands of chances, but he is very sick," he forgets to make desperate requests.

What did he say? Villagra requested solidarity in social networks. "I want to make an order.I want someone to take nutrition treatment from a national, state, local or local government and then undergo obesity surgery.Lots of people, but Luisito needs us.And I repeat, Do not judge, he is very sick, he will die. "

When a hospital director or bariatric surgeon reads this publication, I beg you to give him a hand. I promise to accompany you to recover but you need professional help because you know you need professional help. "El Retou" Give Zerda a hand. Help you to wait.

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