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Despite resuming the rally, the dollar closed its share price with a sharp decline. Chronicle

The dollar sold to the public raised this virenes by 1.23%, closing at an average of $ 45.169, and in the weekly balance, the US currency was down 2.07% due to a major political announcement. In the wholesale sector, the currency rose 1.38% to close at $ 43.97 and the weekly average fell 1.96%.

From a financial perspective, the Argentinian Central Bank (BCRA) confirmed a Leliq interest rate cut of 65 basis points from the closing price yesterday at the end of 66663%. That week the 294 basis points declined.

According to economists Mauro carriageHead Research, Bull Market Brokers, "Pichetto injected a monetary offer from salvation to interest-giving" But he "The A2J9 dual bonus to pay next week has begun to create demand for the dollar".

"The important thing is to liquidate half of the goods they export and extend the liquidation period from June to July"He added. Finally he will be back next week "With the expiration of the debt, there will be a liquidation shock to help cushion the most complicated stocks of the year" I emphasized that the daytime balance is good. "Paradigm shift".

Meanwhile, Cristian Butler, Financial analysts said the dollar was up 1.96% "Mainly promoted by political news" I stressed it over the last two days. "There was a significant amount of leap".

Gustavo Quintana, An analyst at PR Corredores de Cambio explained that this Friday's rise responded to the correction after the massive loss the previous day. "The market underwent anticipated adjustments and its value was $ 44 again."He said. "Regional upwards adjustments also occurred in the international environment due to the rise of the dollar against the local currencies and the spread of the world's major stock markets"He explained.

The business operating in the cash sector was $ 983 million, but there was no transaction in the MAE futures market. In the Rosario futures market, $ 1,439 million was operating and 23% less than Thursday.

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