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Diego Maradona's team could not do it. Dorados de Sinaloa lost with San Luis in the uphill final in Mexico. – 03/12/2018

Dorados de Sinaloa did not miss the opportunity to become the 2018 opening champion of Ascenso MX and crashed into a 4-2 defeat against Atletico San Luis on his last lap. After winning 1-0 at home, the Diego Maradona team With two benefits. However, the 1-0 and 2-1 parts They disappeared. Lively series. Argentina's Leandro Torres aimed to win a 4-2 win over San Luis in extra time, Empty hand left the heat.

Maradona was not on the reserve bench. He was ejected in the first game and the coach had to get the game on the plateau. In fact, there he touched. Is suffering He was looking for a comeback throne that brought his team from the last position of the table (so he found it on his eighth debut in his debut). He had to fight to get the title.

night It started well. To the people from Sinaloa. Argentine Jorge Córdoba took the qualifying scorer to open an account. After 32 minutes of the match played, the visitors could have scored the tying goal after Vinicio Angulo came off the field. The goalkeeper refused the ball. However, Ecuador had a 1-0 win over a former gymnast.

The benefits of San Luis have not lasted long. Because at extra time Santa Fe Nicolás Ibáñez far controlled the ball and won the Gaspar Servio. Dorados protested at the advanced position but could not reverse it. At least they beat them 1-0 in the first leg.

And that little light Magnify again Complement. Edon Rivera's Alonso Escoboza made a successful breakthrough on the left after 11 minutes and should have leveled the score, but instead he clipped it over the bar. Rebound went to Rivera. Rivera had no obstacles in their 2-1 draw.

In other words, Maradona did not have peace since Diego Barbosa took the cross from Fernando Madrigal in his goal nine minutes later.

When we saw this equivalent panoramic picture, there was a change in Dorados. 3-2 Caring for Earth: Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Jerez Silva (Luis Jerez Silva). Luis Jérez Silva was a former midfielder in Defense and Justice, Godoy Cruz and Talleres. Afterwards, The story began to twist. The Maradona team.

Ian González appeared alone in a small area and turned heading into 3-2, defining the extension.

After a few seconds to finish the first additional time, San Luis flew into a fast attack. The ball, which made a mistake at the start of Dorados, fell to another Argentinian, Leandro Torres. Leandro Torres scored a crossing right alone in front of Servio.

Sinarroa was forced to pursue a savings goal. On the contrary, the solidity of San Luis and the encouragement of the locals. There was no room for recovery. For only a part of the nerves.

Maradona's team was at the forefront of the promotion without a celebration after the marathon. In his presentation (4-1 on the 17th of September) he lost 9 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses (1 in the MX Cup).

San Lewis debated over the crucial series for promotions in Mexico's top category before becoming a Clausura 2019 Champion through this ticket. Diego goes up to the first in Potosí next Dorados in the tournament.

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