Wednesday , June 7 2023

Dr. San Rafael took part in the investigation to uncover the origin of the brain tumor.


Biology With Dr. Diego Marzese (38), Dr. Javier Orozco (41) of San Rafael has recently participated in scientific studies because it accurately identifies the origin of brain tumors, which is a great step for diagnosis and treatment. .
In this regard, Orozco, who lives in Los Angeles in early 2013 and has decided to travel with two children, told FM Vos (91.5): "Our research could create a tool based on molecular biology, And to distinguish what kind of tumor is in the brain as a small part of the DNA. "
"The brain can be a tumor that can have a tumor that is created right there, a tumor that is born or originates from another part of the body, and that moves to the brain we know to be metastasized," he says. Once you go there, it is not easy to determine its origins. "
In summary, it is a diagnostic tool that lets you see what kind of 'barcode' is created through a small piece of DNA to get a tumor in any part of your body. "
He insisted that this information is essential for medical treatment. "Knowing the origin of a tumor can reveal what it's called a name and a sex, that is, it helps identify whether it's from breast cancer, skin cancer, or breast cancer. Besides knowing where it came from, we know how it works. "He explained the importance of the discovery phase.
Regarding the start of the investigation, he said, "It started in 2013 before I arrived in the US, and it has a strong career because of the brain metastasis mainly from melanoma (skin cancer). When I joined, we could combine breast cancer and lung cancer I was able to integrate the primary tumor, the work officially started in 2013, in conjunction with the neurosurgeon, and I was able to release it a few days ago. "
The conclusion is that "Population should be informed and know the tools available for prevention and early detection. It is very important to always get the information because the two strategies affect the patient's survival."

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